19th Nov. 2015

It was a packed house on Thursday, 19th Nov.in the Parish Rooms , Slane  , when Dr. Geraldine Stout, archaeologist and historian gave a very informative lecture on the O’ Moore family, Earls of Drogheda, who acquired the monastery and lands at Mellifont after the  dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII. The talk was interspersed with plans, diagrams, aerial photographs and shots from “The Tudors” programme.

On visiting what remains of the Cistercian Abbey in Mellifont today very few of us realise that for nearly two hundred years, 1563-1727, the O’ Moore family lived in a mansion erected right on the site of the present day ruins. The Lavabo which was used as a cooling room formed part of this very large house. All went well for the O’Moore family until the Irish attacked doing much damage to the mansion and carrying away a substantial amount of its valuable contents. In 1727 the 5th Earl of Drogheda sold Mellifont Abbey and part of the surrounding lands to Mr. Balfour of Townley Hall. The house was not occupied after1727 and fell into a ruin.

Dr Stout told a very enthralling story re the above in a relaxed , clear and entertaining manner. It was a pleasure  listening to her.                                            

The Lavabo