Slane Church of Ireland Cemetery

by Nicholas Wall

AINSWORTH – John Francis Ainsworth 4th January 1912  – 30th April 1981. Anita Margaret Ann Ainsworth 22nd January 1910 – 30 December 1998.

ALLEN – In ever loving memory of David Stephen Allen died 26th April 2009

ALLEN – With loving memories of Simon George Ashley Allen Born 10. 09. 1963 Died 23. 07. 2007

ANDERSON – In loving memory of James Alexander Anderson who died 17th January 1950 and his daughter Margarie Seton Rowlette Anderson who died 7th June 1952.

ARCHDALL — Sacred to the memory of Mervyn Archdall A.M. Rector of this parish who died the 6th August 1791 aged 68 years.

ARMSTRONG – see Priest.

BALLARD – Erected to the memory of Mary Anne Ballard of Ledbury England who departed this life at Slane Castle on the 1st day of May 1842 in the 22nd year of her age.

BECK – Sacred to the memory of Daniel Beck of Slane who died on the 4th day of February 1812 aged 45 years. Also of his son Peter Beck who died on the 5th day of December 1814 aged 25 years.

BERMINGHAM – In loving memory of Peter Bermingham.

BLACKBURN – Eva Amebel daughter of W. Blackburn of Tankardstown and wife of Charles C. Eyre of Florence died 15th June 1909.

BLACKBURN – see Clements

BLACKBURNE – Francis William Blackburne died July 11th 1921. Also Olive Blackburne his devoted wife died November 17th 1941.

BLACKBURNE – In loving memory of Mary beloved child of Francis and Olive Blackburne of Tankardstown died 20th January 1904 aged 6 years.

BLACKBURNE – see Mills.

BLACKBURNE – see Townshend

BOLTON – To the memory of John Bolton, Cullen House, Slane son of Richard Bolton, Castle Ring Co. Louth and his wife Mary Anne Ruxton only daughter of Gibbons Ruxton, Blackcastle Navan and Harlingstown Slane born 27th December 1809 and died 1st August 1900.

BOOTH – In loving memory of Burton Booth who entered into rest November 1911.

BOWLES – In loving memory of Charlotte Bowles beloved wife of William Bowles who died 9th April 1907 aged 40 years. Also their children Atty, Mary and Robert who died in infancy and Frederick who died 8th February 1926 aged 19 years. Also the above William died 2nd February 1951 aged 97 years.

BRADY – Erected in loving memory of the Rev. John Westropp Brady who was Rector of Slane for 37 years and who died on the 1st March 1902 aged 75. Also his beloved wife Charlotte Louisa Westropp who died 1st April 1913 aged 84.

BROOKS – In memory of David Alexander Brooks died 16th July 1956 aged 78 years. His wife Agnes Brooks died 28th March 1976 aged 89 years.

BROWNELL – In loving memory of Joseph Brownell, Stackallen died 24th October 1972 aged 74 years. Also his beloved wife Pluie died 23rd February 1974 aged 80 years.

BRUNTON – Erected by William Brunton in ever loving memory of his dear mother Mary Brunton who died 11th December 1916. His father David Brunton who died 5th October 1922 and also his sister Elizabeth Mary Brunton who died 24th November 1925.

BURGESS – Erected by the 5th Marquis of Conyngham in memory of William Wilson Burgess late steward at Slane Castle for many years, died September 19th 1915 aged 67 years. His wife Mary died January 21st 1915 aged 65 years. 

BUTLER – In loving memory of Robert Butler, for 35 years principal of Flower Hill school Navan. Born 31st September 1854 and died 31st August 1942 at Rossin, Slane and of his devoted wife Mary Elizabeth Emily born 17th March 1868 and died 14th December 1945 at Trim. And their youngest child Herbert George Butler born 30th January 1912 Died Bangor Co.Down 2nd March 1985.

BUTLER – In loving memory of Anna Margaret ( Madge ) Butler born 23rd September 1902 died 19th August 1977 and of her sister Eileen Beatrice Butler born 8th July 1904 died 6th October 1980. Robert William Butler born 22nd August 1897 died 22nd November 1983.

CAMERON – see Ventry

CLEMENTS – In loving memory of Margaret Clements nee Blackburn 4th November 1913 – 18th August 2007 beloved mother, grandmother and wife of Peter Clements 11th April 1914 – 12th January 2006

CONYNGHAM – In loving memory of Antoinette Fredericka Hersey Cecilia born 6th February 1923 died 15th June 1959. Only daughter of Frederick 6th Marquis Conyngham, wife of Michael 2nd Baron Croft and mother of Bernard and Charlotte.

CONYNGHAM – Erected by his wife and children. In loving memory of Henry Francis 4th Marquis and 6th Baron Conyngham born 19th October 1857 and died at Slane Castle 28th August 1897.

CONYNGHAM – In loving memory of Victor George Henry Francis 7th Baron 5th Marquis Conyngham lieutenant South Irish Horse born in London January 1883 died at Dringthorpe York November 1918.

CONYNGHAM – Muriel Florence Conyngham born May 20th died May 21th 1885.

CONYNGHAM – Lord John Conyngham, younger son of 6th Marquis Conyngham and beloved husband of Olivia born 4th April 1926 died 31st 1963. Served in the Royal Navy 1st January 1940 to 1st February 1952.

CONYNGHAM – see Ventry.

CRAIGIE – In loving memory of Douglas John Craigie Cullen Beauparc died 8th September 1984. His wife Winifred Edith Joyce died 6th January 1986.

CROFT – see Conyngham

DALYELL – In loving memory of Juanita, wife of Captain Theodore Dalyell, Staff Corp. Indian Army, daughter Charles William Osborne of Rosnaree Co.Meath died 10th March 1954 aged 79.

DEAN – In loving memory of Henry William Dean who died 7th July 1894 aged 59 years. Also his wife Sarah Noble Dean born October 14th 1843 and died February 23rd 1921. Their son-in-law James Spotten Stephenson died January 23rd 1961.

DEAN – In loving memory of Capt. James Greer Dean died 19th January 1950 and of his wife Winifred died 16th February 1981.

DEAN – In loving memory of Joseph Dean who died 2nd August 1894 aged 68 years. Also of his wife Frances Lutton Dean who died 5th February 1935 aged 95 years.

DEAN – see Priest.

DENTON – see Power

DEWER – In affectionate remembrance of Georgina Dewer the dearly beloved daughter of Charles and Helena Dewer who died May 24th 1880 aged 19 years. Also of the above Helena Dewer who fell asleep in Jesus 9th September 1885.

DISNEY – Sacred to the memory of Anne Eliza the beloved wife of the Rev. John James Disney, Rector of Slane. She departed this life on the 6th day of September AD 1839 in the 43rd year of her age. Here also rest the mortal remains of the Rev. John J. Disney the above named who departed this life on the 2nd day of March 1865 aged 59 years.

DUNCAN – This stone was erected by Thomas Duncan in memory of his father William Duncan who departed this life December 13th 1798 aged 49 years. Also his grandmother Mary Duncan who departed this life August the 18th 1793 aged 89 years. Also three of his children.

ELLIOTT – Erected by the nephews and nieces of Francis Elliott Esq. of Fennor near Slane who died 3rd July 1883 aged 88 years.

EYRE – see Blackburn

FARRELL – Erected by Frank and Mary Farrell in loving memory of their son Alexander who died 1867 aged 7 years. Also Christina beloved wife of James Farrell who died 24th September 1895 aged 34 years. Also Mary beloved wife of the above Frank Farrell who died 11th February 1900 aged 71 years. Also the above Frank Farrell who died 25th March 1902 aged 70 years. Also Co. S.M. Frank Farrell South Irish Horse son of the above James and Christina killed in action at Ronssoy France 21st March 1918 aged 23 years. Also James son of Frank and Mary Farrell who died 2nd August 1950 aged 86 years.

FREKE – In loving memory of Mabel Georgina Freke died June 19th 1937 and her husband William Charles Freke died February 17th 1938.

G.A. – I know that my redeemer livith. Blessed be the name of the Lord. G.A.

GOW – In loving memory of David Gow of Glenshee, Perthshire died 30th April 1921. His grandson David Gow, Julianstown and late of Slane died 13th July 1995 aged 61.

GRIMASON – Jonathon Alymer Grimason born 27-12-1984 died 8-5-1985.

GUNNELL – This stone was erected by William Gunnell in memory of his wife Charlotte who departed this life the 20th of December 1796 aged 59 years. Also the above William Gunnell who died January 29th 1809 aged 79 years.

GWYNN – see Mitchell.

HAMILTON – Sacred to the memory of Isabella Jane youngest and beloved daughter of Francis Hamilton Esq. of Slane who departed this life on the 19th day of February 1855 aged 20 years. Also Isabella wife of the said Francis Hamilton who departed this life on the 14th December 1859 aged 60 years.

HENDERSON – see Thom.

HENRY – Here lieth the body of Lettitia Henry wife of Rev. Robert Henry who died 21th June 1800. Here also lies the body of Rev. Robert Henry Vicar of Rathkenny who departed this life the 29th May 1808. This stone was erected by Henry Rowley Henry in memory of their virtues.

HOLLAND – Charley, infant son of Edward and Frances Holland died 3rd February 1875 aged 3 months.

HOPKINS – In memory of Mary Clara Hopkins and William J. Hopkins

HORNSBY – see Lane

JACKSON – To the memory of Leonard Jackson, Mt. Charles Lodge, Slane born 1st January 1927 and died 25th December 1983.

JENSMA – In loving memory of Jan Klaas Jensma born 8th May 1946 died 5th March 1992 Vrouwenparochie, Netherlands and Fennor, Slane.

JIBB – Here lies the body of Anne Jibb who dyed 14th July 1775 aged 10 days.

JONES – Elizabeth Johnston Greer Jones died 6th January 1935. George Dean Johnston Jones late Captain R.I.R. died 17th December 1966 Emma Kathleen Helen Jones died 19th March 1970.

KEEP – In proud and loving memory of my dear husband Albert George Keep who from wounds received at Ashbourne 28th April 1916 died 30th April 1916 aged 28 years.

LANE – Mary E. Lane dear wife of Col. S.W.Lane Rathkenny who died March 1922 and her daughter Cecelia May Elizabeth Hornsby 1895 – 1980.

LAW – Here lieth the body of Robert Law of Rossnaree Born 6th April 1955 Departed this life 25th December 2004

LE POER – see Power

LUCAS – In loving memory of Robert James Lucas, sexton of Slane Church, who died 9th June 1919 aged 77 years and his wife Emmie who died 12th August 1905 aged 37 years. Interred at Cloverhill Co.Cavan.

LUPTON – Erected by Frances Marchioness Conyngham in memory of Mary Jane Lupton who died at Slane Castle June 24th 1918.

McCANN – This stone was erected by Ann McCann in memory of her husband Edward McCann who departed this life 10th August 1785 aged 38 years.

McGUSTY – In memory of Barry McGusty born 17th September 1840 died 1st November 1841 and Robert McGusty his brother born 27th July 1839 died 13th August 1879. Also Mary McGusty their mother who departed this life 26th November 1880 aged 76 years. And Thomas McGusty M.D., their father, who died April 3rd 1886.

McGUSTY – Sacred to the memory of William McGusty who died on the 6th day of January 1918 aged 73 years, younger son of the late Dr. McGusty, of Slane, and Letitia Catherine Jane, his wife, who died on the 16th day of April 1923 aged 65 years.

McKEEVER – In loving memory of Jane Florence, beloved wife of Samuel W. McKeever, who died 28th April 1941. The above Samuel who died 22nd January 1961.

McMAHON – Erected by Robert McMahon in affectionate remembrance of his dearly beloved father Thomas McMahon late of Slane who departed this life on the 18th March 1869 aged 76 years. Here also are interred Amelia McMahon, mother of Robert McMahon died 23rd May 1887 aged 81 years.

McOWEN – This monument was erected by the surviving children as a mark of affection and respect to the memory of their beloved parents John and Maria McOwen. John McOwen died 3rd September 1873 aged 76 years. Maria McOwen died 13th November 1873 aged 62 years. Here also is interred their daughter Jane McOwen who died 24th March 1861 aged 17 years. Also their third daughter Isabella who died 26th May 1913 aged 68 years.

MALCOLMSON – In loving memory of George Herbert Malcolmson, Beauparc who died 7th August 1969.

MALCOLMSON – In loving memory of James Malcolmson, Slane, died March 5th 1923 aged 85. Also his wife Lizzie died May 12th 1917 aged 77. And their daughter Polly died April 17th 1901 aged 21. Also their son Ernest died September 6th 1924 aged 43.

MILLS – Erected by Mr. William Mills of Slane in memory of his son Richard who departed this life 8th November 1829 aged 3 years and 2 months. Also his infant son Robert Henry and also of his affectionate and loving wife Sarah, eldest daughter of Richard Blackburne Esq. of Mullaghdillon, who departed this life 9th August 1894 aged 96 years. Also William Mills, husband and father of the above named, who departed this life on the 1st November 1852 aged 58 years.

MITCHELL – Here lies the body of Charles Mitchell, younger, who departed this life September 4th 1731 in the 3rd year of her age.

MITCHELL – Pic Mitchell nee Gwynn 1911 – 1987 Townley Hall.

MURPHY – see Thom.

NOBLETT – Erected by Thomas Noblett in affectionate remembrance of his daughter Mary who died 29th February 1872 aged 20 years. Also his wife Mary who died 22nd December 1884 aged 68 years.

ORPEN – In memory of Bea Orpen 1913 – 1980 & her husband Chalmers Terry Trench 1909 – 2005 Killrian Slane

OSBORNE – In loving memory of Elizabeth Margaret dearly loved wife of Charles William Osborne of Rosnaree died 14th July 1917 aged 83 years. Also of Charles William Osborne who died 19th April 1919 aged 87 years.

OSBORNE – In ever loving memory of Emily Margaret Osborne who died 14th November 1918.

OSBORNE – In loving memory of Francis Douglas Osborne died 19th January 1925.

OSBORNE – see Dalyell

PASSANT – In memory of Mary Passant, widow of James Passant, who died at Slane on the 9th May 1892.

PICKETT – In loving memory of Gertrude Eliza, daughter of Samuel Pickett of Woodford and Kettering Northamptonshire born 23-10-1871 died at Tankardstown 20-7-1945.

POWER – In loving memory of Eldon Frederick Le Poer Power 1903 – 1978 and his beloved wife Dorothy Denton Power 1912 – 2006 of Ashfield Beauparc Co.Meath

POYNTZ – In loving memory of William Poyntz died 13th June 1877. His wife Eliza died 27th August and their children Mary Ann died 2nd March 1842, Emma Ann died 15th April 1895, William died 24th June 1897, Jane died 29th October 1903, Eliza died 3rd April 1926, Fanny died 6th March 1932. Interred St. Marks Armagh.

PRIEST – This tomb is erected by Mrs. Elizabeth Priest to the memory of her brother William George Armstrong Esq. of Slane who departed this life February 22nd 1837 aged 69 years. Elizabeth Priest died 29th November 1854 aged 78 years. Her grandchild Wilhelma, daughter of William Dean, died 29th August 1881 aged 82 years. George William Armstrong, son of George Dean, died 5th January 1869 at five months. George Dean Esq. J.P. died September 4th 1905 aged 80 years. Catherine, his wife, died 15th April 1933. Anna Kathleen Dean died August 14th 1937.

REDHOUSE – In loving memory of my beloved father John Hendy Redhouse 1898 – 1977 and of my dear mother Mabel Adeline born 13-7-1910 died 21-10-1988. Both of Royal Oak Santry Co.Dublin.

REDHOUSE – In loving memory of Jonathan Nicholas Redhouse 13-12-1974 to 24-1-1981. Youngest son of William and Ann Redhouse, Newgrange.

REID – In affectionate remembrance of David Reid who departed this life in January 1866 aged 61 years. In life respected, in death he was deeply and deservingly lamented. Frances Jane Reid, daughter of the above died 4th June 1842 aged 1 year 4 months. Robert Reid, son of the above, died 19th December 1851 aged 6 years 7 months.

RIGMAIDEN – Here lieth the body of Mrs. Margaret Rigmaiden who departed this life on the 5th day of June in the year of our Lord 1781 in the 46th year of her age. Also the body of Robert Rigmaiden Esq. departed this life the 1st day of November 1783 aged 63 years.

ROGERS – Erected by William Rogers of Higginstown to the memory of his beloved sister Sarah Rogers who died on the 13th July 1867 aged 76 years. Also his dearly beloved wife Suzanna Rogers who died 2nd May 1872 aged 78 years. Here also is interred the above William Rogers who died 10th September 1881 aged 90 years.

ROWNTREE – Henry Cochrane Rowntree late of Caucestown House Stackallen, died 5th January 1977 aged 81.

RUXTON – see Bolton.

SARGEANT – Charles H. Sargeant died 2nd February 1938 aged 90. Mary J. Sargeant died 11th November 1939 aged 80.

SCHWARZ – In loving memory of Emma Schwarz died 24th April 1963 aged 85 years.

SHEKLETON – In loving memory of Thomas Henry (Harry) Shekleton loving husband, father and grandfather. Born 21st March 1920, Oatsland House, Navan, late of Drumconrath and Collon died 29th June 2003 aged 83 years.

SHIELDS – In affectionate remembrance of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Isaac Shields of Slane, who died April 13th 1882 aged 70 years. And the above Isaac Shields who died December 12th 1911 aged 100 years.

SILLERY – Here are deposited the remains of Jane Sillery of Slane who departed this life the 9th day of October 1839 aged 78. This stone was erected to her memory by her affectionate and sorrowing sister Anna Maria Sillery. Martha Sillery died June 1837 aged 17. Henry Sillery died 25th October 1841 aged 71 years. Charles Sillery died 3rd March 1843 aged 80. Jane Sophia Sillery died 2nd October 1849 aged 45. Anna Maria Sillery died 8th January 1853 aged 82. Henry Harvey Sillery died 7th November 1876 aged 70.

STEPHENSON – see Dean.

THOM – In loving memory of Alexander Thom, who died at his residence Cullen House Slane 14th December 1951 in his 87th year. And of his beloved wife Daisy who died 28th January 1953, daughter of William Murphy, Ballykillane, Co.Carlow. Also their dearly loved son-in-law Dr. H.J.R. ( Shan ) Henderson, Cullen House, Slane who died 30th November 1990.

TOWNSHEND – Elena Townshend 1898 – 1996. Amabel Blackburne 1910 – 1996.

VENTRY – In memory of Frances Elizabeth Sarah, daughter of 4th Baron Ventry, born 30th December 1862 and died 8th July 1939. Married 1st 1882 to Henry Francis 4th Marquis Conyngham and 2nd 1899 to John Russell Bedford Cameron.

WESTROPP – see Brady

WHITTAKER – In loving memory of Kate H. Whittaker, Draycott, Derbyshire died 7th July 1962 aged 83 years.

WILLENS – Here lies the body of Mr. Thomas Willens who departed this life the 2nd day of July 1805. Also his grandchild Joseph Willens, an infant child. Elizabeth Willens, the only child of the above Thomas Willens died the 6th day of July 1817 aged 37 years.

WILLIAMSON – In loving memory of Ronald Williamson, Mill House Slane who died 30th October 1968 aged 60 years and his beloved wife Mary died 14th July 1995 aged 84 years.

WILLIAMSON  –  In loving memory of Frank George Stanley Williamson D.F.M.    5-4-1911   TO  8-1-2001 Served in the RAF 1936 TO 1945. Chief pilot of Aer Lingus. Erected by his loving wife Lilian.   Until we meet again

WOODWARD – Beneath lie deposited the remains of Mrs. Susan Woodward who departed this life the 18th of September 1815. Also the remains of Mr.John Woodward of Harlenstown, her husband, who departed this life 19th October 1840 aged 67. Also the remains of Mr. Thomas Woodward, Ardmulchan, their son who departed this life on the 11th October 1850 aged 41.