Donore Hill Cemetery

ANDREWS – Erected by Nicky Andrews of Drogheda to his mother Anne who died 23rd February 1782 aged 44 years. Also her father John who died 9th February 1791 aged 53 years. His daughter Mary Anne died 23rd August 1805 aged 7 years.Likewise his son Peter who died 29th April 1818 aged 14 years.

ANDREWS – Erected 1805 by Peter Andrews of Drogheda in memory of his father and mother and four of his children.

BAGNALL – Thomas Bagnall, Rathmullan, June 15th 1937. His brother Bernard January 7th 1919. His sister Mary McArdle January 22nd 1928. His daughter May, 6th April 1935. His mother Anne 14th July 1941. His father Patrick 19th April 1943. His sister Nora 3rd Sept. 1914. His brother John 1st May 1979. Agnes Boylan died 4th June 1989.

BANKS – Erected by Mary Banks to her uncle Laurence Fay who died 12th February 1896 and his mother Alice Fay.

BARRON – John Barron of Shop Street Drogheda who departed this life 9th June 1841 aged 31 years. Also his father John Barron of Staleen in memory of his grandfather Thomas Barron who died 4th September 1847 aged 50 years. And his father John who died 22nd September 1926 aged 90 years.

BARRON – Richard and Margaret Barron of Hardmans Gardens, Drogheda who died respectively 27th Nov. 1883 and 20th Aug. 1902 and their son and daughter Anne died 6th July 1890 Michael 19th Oct. 1895 and Maggie and Joseph who died in America, 6th July 1898 and 30th Dec. 1916. Also Alicia 29th March 1921. Also Frances Marrie died 8th June 1944.

BARRON – Erected by Thomas and Richard Barron in memory of their mother Mary Barron who died September the 20th 1847 aged 45 years. Also their sister Ann who died 10th Oct. 1846 aged 12 years. Their brother Michael died 25th May 1844 aged 7 years.

BARRON – Erected by John Barron of Staleen in memory of his wife Judith who departed this life 3rd Aug. 1829 aged 63 years. Also the said John Barron who departed this life May 1843 aged 85 years. Renewed by Mrs. Barron, Shop St. in memory of her husband Mr. Thomas Barron, son of the said John Barron who died 20th May 1866 aged 62 years. Also two children who died young. Also Kate Carpenter, daughter of the above Thomas Barron who died 18th Aug. 1873 aged 28 years.

BARRON – Bridget Barron, Donore Road, March 22nd 1905 aged 68 years.

BASSETT – see White

BATES – John Bates, Glenmore, 30th Sept. 1944. His wife Ellen 28th Feb. 1922. His son Thomas 22nd Feb. 1924. And his two grandchildren John and Margaret who died young.

BEAHAN – Pat Beahan Esq. erected this stone in memory of Andrew Marley who died in 1839. Also his wife Mary Marley who died 20th July 1850.

BELLEW – Erected by John Bellew, Staleen, in memory of his father John Bellew who died 23rd October 1921. His mother Catherine died 15th January 1930. His sister Elizabeth died 23rd June 1916, Josephine 11th January 1930, Lucy 14th February 1946, Margaret 23rd March 1946 and Mary Kate 12th April 19–.And the above named John died 7th May 1966.

BELLEW – Robert Bellew who died 24th March 1810 and his wife Jane 14th Sept. 1863. And Elizabeth Moore who died 14th September 1863.

BELLEW – Patrick Bellew, Staleen, who died 24th November 1879. His wife Catherine died 10th Oct. 1882. His son William, 30th August 1899, and James Bellew died 14th Dec. 1916. His wife Bridget 13th Aug. 1907. Their daughter Mary 31st Jan. 1951 and their son Patrick 12th April 1952.

BELLEW – Erected by William Bellew, Staleen, to his father John Bellew. Also his mother Margaret and brother Patrick Bellew. Also the above William Bellew who departed this life 10th April 1872. His sister Mary Callaghan died 17th January 1885. Also Mary O’Carroll died 27th Aug. 1876 aged 14 years. And Christopher Neary died 27th December 1957.

BELLEW – Erected by Thomas Bellew of Staleen in memory of his mother Anne Bellew who died 25th March 1814 aged 34 years. His father John Bellew died 5th March 1818 aged 54 years. Also Richard and Mary McKeown.

BERRILL – Robert Berrill, late of Platten, died 18th Oct. 1791 aged 56 years. His wife Catherine Berrill, alias Pentony, died 21st Jan, 1807 in the 80th year of her age. Likewise 12 of their children. BERRILL – This stone belongeth to Christopher Berrill of Drogheda where lies his wife Lucy Berrill whose Virtue as a wife makes her most sensibly regretted by her husband. She departed this life 31st May 1784 aged 21 years. Also one of their children. Here likewise lieth the remains of his daughter Rose Berrill who died the 21st day of April 1803 aged 17 years.

BIRD – Erected by Patrick Bird of Donover to his brother Owen who died 7th Dec. 1791 aged 92 years.

BLAKE – see Genet

BOYLAN – see Bagnall

BRADY – Erected AD 1823 by John Brady for him and his posterity and in remembrance of his father and mother. Also his daughter-in-law Jane Brady who died Dec. 19th 1819 aged 26 years. Also three children who died young. And his son John died 30th Sept. 1893.

BRADY – Anne Brady, Donore Road, 11th Aug. 1937. Their daughter Catherine 11th July 1911. And their son John 6th Jan. 1969.

BRANIGAN – Erected by Joseph Branigan in memory of Mr. James Connolly who died 21st March 1891 aged 56 years. His wife Mrs. Ellen Connolly who died 18th March 1895 aged 47 years. Also their two grandchildren George and Joseph Branigan.

BRIEN – Erected AD 1819 by Elizabeth Brien in memory of her husband William Brien who died 10th April 1809 aged 56 years. Also his brother Thomas who departed this life 12th March 1771 aged 82 years. His mother Mary Brien died 4th May 1771 aged 74 years. The above Elizabeth Brien died 6th Sept. 1819 aged 60 years.

BRIEN – Erected by John Brien of Newtown Plattin to his sister Mary who died 2nd April 1859 aged 25 years.

BRIEN – see McKeal

BRODIGAN – Margaret Brodigan, Donore Road who died 29th Sept 1901 aged 34 years. Her husband Charles 11th July 1957 aged 90 years. His second wife Annie 4th March 1969 aged 89 years.

BRODIGAN – Luke Brodigan, Newtown Plattin, who died 16th Dec. 1918. His wife Annie 28th Nov. 1952.

BRODIGAN – see Meaney.

BROWN – Samuel Brown, Sheephouse, 9th March 1941 and his wife Bridget 12th April 1974.

BRUNKARD – Erected by Mary Brunkard, of Plattin, to her husband Christopher Brunkard , 22nd May 1871 aged 44 years. The above Mary Brunkard died 13th June 1892 aged 75 years. Her daughter Maria O’Reilly, Donore Road, died 22nd April 1916 aged 29 years.

BRYAN – This stone was erected by Gabriel Bryan in memory of his father William Bryan of Drogheda. Here lieth the body of the said William Bryan who departed this life 7th Jan. 1777 aged 70 years. Also three of his children who died young.

BUTTERLY – see Keelan

BYRNE – William Byrne died 17th Feb. 1778 aged 76 years. His wife and his uncle Thomas Byrne of Johnstown.

BYRNE – Erected by James, Margaret and Mary A. Byrne in memory of their brother Thomas Byrne, Rathmullen, who died May 3rd 1899 aged 62 years and their brother Stephen who died June 27th 1896 in Chattanoga, Tennessee.

BYRNE – Hic jacet Fr. Joannes Byrne, Ordines Predicatorum hujus Parochiae Quondam Pastor. Requiescat in Pace.

CALLAGHAN – see Bellew

CALLAN – see Collins

CAMPBELL – James Campbell, Donore, who died 1st Oct. 1820 aged 31 years. His mother Mary who died 21st Dec. 1822 aged 66 years.

CAMPBELL – Michael and Jane Campbell and Alice, 1st Feb. 1961. Peter, 16th April 1968 and Margaret Campbell 10th Nov. 1973 aged 86 years. And her husband Thomas, 17th June 1985 aged 88 years. Catherine Mitchell ( nee Campbell ) died in New Zealand 30th April 1966 aged 73 years.

CARLIN – see McAuley.

CARROLL – Erected by Thomas Carroll, Donore, in memory of his mother Jane Carroll who died 16th December 1893 and his father William 1861. Also the above Thomas Carroll who died March 26th 1900 at Deadwood U.S.A. And his cousin Jane Neill who died March 18th 1901 at Staleen. Also Mrs Ann Neill Dec. 17th 1917.

CARRAGHER – Erected by Anne Carragher in memory of her grandparents, parents, sisters, aunts and uncles.

CARPENTER – Erected by Mary Carpenter, Blackditch, in memory of her husband Patrick 26th April 1911. Their daughter Mary 19th May 1891. The above Mary also died 18th June 1924. And their son Patrick Joseph who died 23rd June 1954.

CARPENTER – see Barron

CASSANDRAS – see Saurin.

CASEY –  ……Drogheda, where lieth his father and mother. Also his wife 1770. Also the body of Mary Casey.

CAWLEN – Erected by Elizabeth Cawlen in memory of her husband Patrick Cawlen who died 3rd July 1821 aged 47 years. Also her son Michael Cawlen who died 20th June 1824 aged 21 years. Also Bridget Pentony, alias Monghan, who died 2nd Feb. 1855 aged 25 years. This stone was renewed by Catherine Monghan  of John’s Gate Drogheda.

CHAMNEY – This buriel place belongeth to John Chamney of Drogheda wherein lieth the bodies of three of his children. ( an alter tomb)

CLARKE – Erected by Mathew Clarke in memory of his father John Clarke who died 17th July 1822 aged 65 years. His mother Judith Clarke who died 1st April 1827 aged 60 years. And his two brothers Michael and John.

CLARKE – Momento Mori 1794. Erected by James Clarke of Sheephouse in memory of his ancestors. Also his father and mother-in-law William and Catherine Clarke. Also his wife Catherine Clarke.

CLINCH – Peter Clince, Staleen, who died 17th Feb. 1904 aged 60 years. Also his two children Margaret and Kathleen who died young. His son Thomas died 10th Jan. 1912 aged 19 years. His daughter Mary died 10th Aug. 1920 aged 15 years. His wife Annie 24th Sept. 1930 aged 70 years. And his son Valentine 4th July 1957.

CLUSKEY – see Fox.

COLGAN – see McKenna.

COLLINS – Erected by Bernard Collins, Platten, to his father Michael Collins who died Oct. 9th 1854. His mother Mary Collins who died Dec. 30th 1883. The above Bernard Collins died Dec. 13th 1887 aged 50 years.

COLLINS – Erected by  Michael Collins, late of Newtown Platten to his father Peter Collins who died 11th May 1798 aged 56 years. Also four children who died young. His mother died 9th Jan. 1857 and the above Michael Collins died 19th June 1868 and Peter Collins died 29th January 1888. Rose Callan died 10th Dec. 1886. Their neice Mary died 18th April 1920. Thomas Mathews died 10th April 1934. His wife Margaret died 8th April 1957.

CONELY – This burial place belongeth to Luke Conely 1769.

CONNELLY – Erected by Owen Connolly in memory of his son Owen who died 1st Feb. 1829 aged 3 years. His son James died 5th Dec. 1831 aged 12 years. His daughter Mary Craven died 12th November 1894 and her husband Nicholas who died 2nd May 1901.

CONNOLLY – see Branigan

CONNOLLY – see King

CONNOR – James Connor, Donore, 23rd Aug. 1948 aged 32 years. His mother Bridget 27th Nov. 1959. His father Joseph 18th December 1961. His brother Thomas died 22nd Nov. 1978. His sister Maisie Davis 14th July 1988.

COOGAN – Erected by Patrick Coogan, Oldbridge, in memory of his wife Annie who died 31st Aug. 1917. Also their son Francis who died 1st December 1918. The above Patrick Coogan died 23rd Feb. 1938.

CORCORAN – Erected by John Corcoran, James St. Drogheda, in memory of his daughter Elizabeth, who died 5th Aug. 1900 aged 17 years. And his wife Mary Elizabeth 20th April 1901. Also the above John who died 3rd Nov. 1916 aged 87 years.

CORRIGAN – Annie Corrigan, Staleen, Donore who died 21st March 1947. Her parents and her deceased brothers and sisters.

CORRIGAN – Erected AD 1805 by Laurence Corrigan of Drogheda, Bricklayer. Here lieth fore of his children. And his son Peter Corrigan who died 18th March 1805 aged 12 years. And Patrick Corrigan who died 18th Jan. 1892 aged 79 years.

CORRIGAN – Erected by John Corrigan of Gaskingstown to his wife Catherine Corrigan who died 23rd September 1880 aged 59 years. And their daughter Anne Corrigan who died 5th June 1875 aged 17 years. The above John Corrigan died 29th June 1901. His daughter-in-law Annie Corrigan died 8th Nov. 1937 aged 70 years. Her husband Matthew died 30th June 1945. Their sons Luke 7th Feb. 1952 and William 3rd June 1976.

COURTNEY – see McDonnell

CRAVEN – Nicholas Craven, Oldbridge, died 1st Nov. 1936. His wife Rose died 1st July 1939. His brother Patrick 9th June 1945. His son in law William Murtagh died 1st Sept. 1950 and his wife Rose 10th Dec. 1976.

CRAVEN – see Connolly

CRAVEN – see Kelly

CRAWLEY – see Martin

CUNNIGAM – This stone and burial place belongeth to James Cunnigam of Oldbridge who departed this life September 18th 1762 aged 48 years. Here also lieth the bodies of his father and mother and one of his children.

DAVIS – see Connor

DENNANY – To the memory of James Denneny who died 6th May 1868 aged 58 years. Patrick Denneny, Tubberfinn, died 13th March 1952. He was member of G.P.O. Garrison, Dublin,1916. “To God and Ireland true”.

DEWINY – Erected by John Dewiny, Donore, in memory of his wife Mary who died 11th May 1832 aged 60 years. His brother Garret died 29th Oct. 1829 aged 61 years. And Michael Dewiny died 10th May 1834 aged 21 years.

DIGNAN – Erected by Patrick Dignan, Plattin, to his father Cormick Dignan who died 12th Sept. 1797 aged 57 years. Also his grandfather Laurence Dignan who died 6th Jan. 1792 aged 76 years. The above Patrick Dignan did the 2nd day of Jan 1803 aged 29 years. His mother Mary died Aug. 1823 and his brother Bernard died Aug. 1880. Also Bridget McDonnell, mother of Bernard McDonnell, Bull Ring, Drogheda who died June 1860 aged 37 years. His wife Marianne died 5th June 1894 aged 56 years.

DIGNAN –see McCrann

DINNANY – Erected by Patrick Dinnany of Rathmullen in memory of his father and mother. His brothers and sisters and son John who died 6th March 1840 aged 22 years. His daughter Margaret died 3rd Sept 1849 aged 24 years. The above named Patrick Dinnany who died 2nd Feb. 1860. Also Thomas son of the above died 21st June 1866.

DOGETT – This stone was erected by James Dogett. Here lieth the body of his father Richard Dogett who departed this life 26th ? 1746 aged 69 years.

DOGGETT – Christopher Doggett, Toberfinn, who died 11th Oct. 1913 aged 44 years. And his wife Margaret who died 30th Nov. 1974 aged 93 years.

DOGGETT – see Meaney.

DOGHEAD – Erected AD 1864 to the memory of  Christopher Doghead of Peter’s Hill Drogheda who died 4th Feb. 1864 aged 72 years. Also his wife Catherine who died 17th May 1862 aged 52 years.

DOHERTY – Erected by Michael Dogerty of Platten in memory of his father and mother.

DONNELLY – Bridget Donnelly died 10th Oct.1895. Elizabeth Donnelly died 7th July 1905. Thomas Donnelly died 29th Dec. 1910. Michael Donnelly died 21th Sept. 1947.

DONNELLY – Erected by Patrick and Ann Donnelly, Cherrymount, to their sons Peter 12th Feb. 1942, Thomas 25th Jan. 1949. Their daughters Elizabeth who died Dec. 1916 and Maryann Grogan Nov. 1945 and her husband Michael Dec.1948. Their son Patrick died 5th April 1953 and Kate Donnelly 25th March 1962.

DOONAN – John Doonan, Donore, 6th March 1964 aged 83 years. His son Patrick 12th Feb. 1919. His son John 10th April 1929. His wife Jane 7th March 1969 aged 85 years. His daughter Mollie died in London 20th Nov. 1978.

DOONAN – see Jones

DORAN – To the memory of James Doran, teacher in this parish, 1852 to 1890, who died 11th Jan. 1899 aged 75 years. His wife Catherine who died 19th Oct. 1901 aged 61 years. Their grandchildren John J. Doyle died 18th July 1918 aged 25 years and Eileen F. Doyle 14th June 1920 aged 17 years.

DOWDALL – see Jennet

DOWD – see Woods

DOWLING – Erected by Patrick Dowling to the memory of his mother Anne Dowling who died 22nd Dec. 1800 aged 65 years. Also four of his children. His wife Mary died 6th Oct. 1842 aged 64 years. The above Patrick Dowling died 6th Feb. 1848  aged 66 years.

DOWLING – Erected by Patrick Dowling of Rathmullen to his father Richard Dowling who died 2nd May 1832 aged 66 years. His mother Mary Dowling died 7th March 1836 aged 76 years. His brother Patrick Dowling died 1st Aug. 1816 aged 15 years. His brother James died April 7th 1893.

DOYLE – Here lyth the body of Catherine Doyle who departed this life the 30thNovember 1775 aged 12 years. Margaret O’Neil, alias Ramsey, died 14th April 1764 aged 70 years.

DOYLE – see Doran

DUFF – Erected by Con and Margaret Duff, Duleek St. Drogheda, in memory of their seven children who died young. His father and mother John and Catherine and the above Margaret Duff  who died 5th Jan. 1897.

FAY – see Banks

FINEGAN – Erected Anno Domini 1790 by Mr. William Finegan, Rathmullen, to his brother James and his father Michael Finegan and his sister Catherine who also lie beneath. And John Rouke, grand nephew of the William Finegan who died 7th Aug. 1898 and Mrs Margaret Rouke of Rathmullen who died 7th July 1900.

FINEGAN – Erected by William Finegan of Sheephouse to his wife Catherine. Also his daughter Catherine who died 1849 aged 17 years.

FINEGAN – Erected AD 1845 by William Finnegan. In this humble spot lie the remains of his father John Finegan who died 9th Dec. 1839 aged 75 years. Also his mother Anne Finegan who died 26th March 1847 aged 80 years.

FINEGAN – see Gibney.

FINIGAN – Erected 1803 by John Finigin of Drogheda in memory of his father in law Andrew Fortrill who died 4th March 1795. Also the said Andrew’s wife and their deceased and also 5 of the above John Finigan’s children.

FINNEGAN – see Kelley

FINGLAS – see Flanagan.

FLANAGAN – Erected by Judith Flanagan of Rathmullen in memory of her beloved husband John Flanagan who died 12th March 1848 aged 44 years.

FLANAGAN – Erected by Christopher Flanagan of Platten in memory of his father Peter who died 29th March 1850 aged 45 years. His mother Judith died 12th Feb. 1897 aged 97 years His sister Mary died 9th Feb. 1904 aged 74 years. His brother James died 27th Jan. 1905 aged 70 years. The above Christopher Flanagan died 18th Dec. 1919 aged 102 years. His sister Rose Finglas died 23rd June 1923 aged 101 years.

FLEMING – Erected by Francis Fleming, 6 Bolton Square, Drogheda, to his son Francis who died 22nd April 1899. Annie Fleming 23rd June 1937. Margaret McGinn died 15th June 1975.

FLEMING – Erected by Francis Fleming in memory of his two sons – Nicholas died 16th Jan. 1900 aged 26 years and Francis who died 21st April 1900 aged 24 years. The above named Francis Fleming who died 15th June 1928 aged 87 years. And his wife Mary Annie died 29th April 1929.

FLEMING – see Murphy

FORTRILL – see Finigan

FOX – Erected by Anne Fox, Mullacroghan, in memory of her husband Richard Fox who died 10th Sept. 1889. Her son Michael who died young and her daughter in law Margaret Fox who died 4th March 1893.

FOX – Erected by James Fox, Donore, to his wife Sarah Jan. 29th  1940. His father James 24th Nov. 1920. His mother Mary May 24th 1928. His brother William Dec. 9th 1923. His sisters Kate Cluskey 10th April 1962 and Mary Ann Fox 1st May 1962.

FULLAM – Erected by James Fullam, Vancouver Island, to his father John Fullam who died 1st Feb. 1862 aged 65 years. Also James Fullam died aged 64 years. Patrick Fullam died 10th Dec. 1827 aged 24 years. Catherine Fullam died 16th Dec. 1836 aged 34 years. James Fullam died 21st April 1851 aged 40 years. Margaret Fullam died 20th June 1844 aged 25 years and his mother Mary Fullam died 1st May 1834 aged 37 years.

FULLAM – Catherine Fullam, Donore, who died 12th Dec. 1885 aged 73 years. And Bridget Fullam who died 12th April 1894 aged 35 years. Michael Fullam 20th Jan. 1917 aged 30 years. Patrick Fullam 18th Jan. 1924 aged 76 years. And Joseph Fullam 6th July 1942 aged 55 years. Catherine Fullam 30th Nov. 1962 aged 83 years. Mary Fullam 12th Feb. 1965 aged 76 years. Bridget Fullam 17th July 1973 aged 89 years.

GARGAN – Erected by Patrick Gargan of Cooper Hill to his father Joseph Gargan who died 24th August 1823 aged 55 years. His mother Jane died 15th Jan. 1835 aged 77 years. His brother William Gargan died 27th March 1837 aged 35 years. His sister Anne Gargan died 9th Oct. 1885.

GAVIN – Thomas Gavin, Donore Road, who died 14th Nov. 1930. His wife Mary Ann 20th Jan. 1937. Their sons Patrick 16th April 1900, James killed in action 23rd May 1915, Michael 22nd July 1924. Their daughters Margaret 24th Sept. 1929, Elizabeth 30th March 1933 and Bridget 22nd June 1940. Their sons Edward died 13th Dec. 1950 and William 27th May 1955. Eileen Tormley died in the U.S.A. 16TH May 1964. Katie 29th Dec. 1967.

GENET – Near the west side of the ruined church, in the centre of the graveyard, are the broken remains of an alter tomb. Some lettering and the shield of a coat of arms can be seen with the surname Genet. Thomas U. Sadlier records in “Memorials to the Dead” in 1914

“The arms are of Genet impaling Blake below the initials J.G. On either side of the shield running parallel to the side of the slab are the following lines :

All people that on earth draw breath in health preparefor the hour of death.

Above and below the shield is the following

—–th—–the—–John Genet—-ridge—-this tombe

Who departed this life 1690?. The Poore, the Worlde, the Heavens and the Grave, His Almes, his Praise, His Soule and Bodie have”.

Sadlier goes on to say “This curious monument is evidently to John Genet of Oldbridge, referred to in the Jennet inscription.(cf.) This heraldic device or bearing on the impaled shield is not quite clear but appears to be a fret; so the arms are possibly of Blake. To obtain its proper meaning the last four lines of the epitaph should be read thus; The Poore have his Almes, The Worlde has his Praise, The Heavens have his Soule and the Grave has his Bodie.

D’Alton who saw this stone in 1844 records the date as 1609, making it the earliest stone in the graveyard.

GENET – see Jennet

GIBNEY – Erected by William Gibney, Platten, to his father and mother and his two brothers, Thomas and Francis – two children who died young. His daughter Mary Anne Gibney who died 24th Dec. 1887 aged 17 years. His son William died 27th Oct. 1896 aged 22 years. His wife Ellen 27th March 1911 aged 63 years. The above William Gibney died 10th March 1912 aged 68 years. Sarah Gibney, Duleek St. Drogheda died 14th Dec. 1939. Her neice Ellen Owens, Donore, 30th Jan.1971. Her Husband John Owens 21st April 1972.

GIBNEY – Erected AD 1853  BY Michael Gibney, Newtown Platten, in memory of his father Patt Gibney who died 12th May 1839.

GIBNEY – Erected by William Gibney, Newtown Platten, to his wife Mary who died 23rd June 1918 aged 44 years. His son James 28th August 1905 aged 2 years. The above William Gibney died 19th March 1919 and his infant grandchild Margaret Connor.

GIBNEY – Erected by Patrick Gibney in memory of his mother Anne Gibney who died 19th August 1865. His grandmother Margaret Finigan who died in March 1855. His wife Jane died 8th July 1893. The above Patrick Gibney died 25th Aug. 1894.

GILFOYLE – O Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Mary Gilfoyle who died 5th March 1881 aged 80 years. And her husband Thady Gilfoyle who died 5th June 1884 aged 86 years. Their son John, also their son James and his wife Catherine. Also their grandson Joseph Gilfoyle who died 12th March 1955 aged 67 years and his sister Mary 14th Aug. 1961. Also Mary wife of the above John who died 1st April 1967. Their son John died 26th Aug. 1972 aged 88 years. “Labour while it is daytime, for the night cometh when no man can work”

GOGAN – see Martin

GOGARTY – Erected by James Gogarty in memory of his father Michael Gogarty and his mother Mary.

GOGARTY – Francis Gogarty, Donore Road, 11th April 1951. His wife Margaret died 5th April 1963.

GOGARTY – Frank Gogarty, Tubberfinn, 21st Sept. 1973 aged 77 years. His wife Mary Ann ( Cissie ) 14th April 1992 aged 87 years.

GOGARTY – William Gogarty, Donore Road, died 1st October 1934. His sons James and Thomas who died young. His wife Rose 13th June 1957. Their daughter Kathleen 18th Dec. 1981.

GOGARTY – see McKeone

GOGARTY – see Reid

GORMAN – James Gorman, Donore Road, died 21st March 1972 aged 55 years.

GOUGH – Kate Gough, late of Couserath died 6th Jan. 1926.

GOUGH – Christopher Gough, Trinity St. Drogheda, 4th Feb. 1942. Her grandparents John and May Gough and her aunt Mary Gough. Her father Patrick Gough died 18th May 1953. Her mother Elizabeth 20th Sept. 1954 and her son John who died 28th July 1958.

GRAHAM – see Reynolds.

GREENE – Pray for Patrick Greene, Platten, who died 18th Feb. 1869 aged 70 years. Also his daughter Mary McKenna died 2nd January 1864 aged 26 years. Also two of his children who died young. His wife Catherine died 8th Feb. 1896. His granddaughter Jane Greene who died young. His daughter Rose McKeon 6th Jan. 1903 and his son John 17th March 1911. His son Thomas 13th Aug. 1916. His daughter in law Brigid Greene died 27th Jan. 1925 and her daughter Brigid died 25th Feb. 1944.

GRENAN – Erected by John Grenan of Platten in memory of his father James who died 15th Oct. 1817 aged 74 years. His grandfather John Grenan who departed this life 8th Feb. 1800 aged 85 years. His grandmother Anne died 6th Feb. 1793 aged 85 years. Also Patrick Tirnan , Slater, of Drogheda who died 10th June 1832 aged 106 years

GROGAN – see Donnelly.

HALLIGAN – Erected by Patrick Halligan of Oldbridge to his father Patrick. Also in memory of his brothers and sisters.

HARMON – In loving memory of Thomas Harmon who died 18th Dec.1925 Also of Christopher and Anne Woods.

HARMON – Thomas Harmon, Rathmullen, 10th Jan. 1895. His wife Katherine 8th Aug. 1903. Also their grandchildren Mary Kate, Annie and Thomas Joseph Harmon who died young.

HARMON – see Woods.

HARDIN – Here lyeth the body of John Hardin who died ye 4th of January 1764 aged 68 years. This stone was erected by his wife Mary Hardin.

HARDING – Patrick Harding of Rathmullen who died 11th Aug. 1868 aged 60 years. His daughter  Mary died 4th May 1866 aged 8 years.

HEENEY – This burial place belongeth to Richard Heeney of Sheephouse and his posterity. Here lieth 5 of his children and also Thomas Heeney who departed this life March ye 19th 1789 aged 53 years.

HEENEY – Here lyeth ye body of Patt Heeney who departed this life ye 4th day of December 1743 aged 53 years. Also his daughter Ann, wife of John Keegan 12th January 1750 aged 35 years.

HEENEY – Erected by Michael Heeney of Cooley Bridge Drogheda in memory of his father and mother and his brother John. Also his daughter Catherine who died young.

HINDLOY – see Murphy.

HUGHES – Erected by his daughter Mary in memory of her father William Hughes, Marsh Road, Drogheda who died 8th March 1851 aged 40 years. Her brother Patrick died 9th Jan. 1870 aged 40 years. His wife Catherine died 11th Dec. 1893 aged 63 years. Granddaughter Kitty Hughes died 10th Dec. 1927 aged 23 years. Her father Patrick 20th March 1931 aged 64 years. Her mother Margaret 9th May 1933 aged 66 years. Her son Richard 8th Jan. 1960 aged 59 years.

HUGHES – Erected by James Hughes of West St. Drogheda in memory of his father and mother and brothers and sisters. Also the above Mr. James Hughes died 26th March 1862. His wife Eliza died 26th May 1875 and William second son of the above who died 15th Jan. 1876.

HYNES – Edward Hynes of Sheephouse died 20th Oct. 1812 aged 69 years.

JENNET – Here lieth the body of Richard Jennet of Drogheda who was a descendant of John Genet of Oldbridge who died anno 1785 aged 65 years. Also the bodies of Mary Dowdall, his wife, deceased anno 1789 aged 76 years and of Margaret Linch, their daughter, and four more of their children. Pat Marron of Drogheda erected this stone anno 1790 in memory of said Richard, his father in law; of the others above mentioned and of fourteen of his own children who are here interred.

JONES – Thomas Jones, Tubberfinn, 19th Feb. 1956. His father Thomas died 15th Aug. 1902. His mother Margaret 19th Feb. 1936. His brother Henry died in the U.S.A. 30TH May 1921.His sister Eileen died 1st June 1919. Bridget died 15th May 1936. Mary, who also died in the U.S.A., 16TH March 1956. Agnes died in London 4th May 1960. Annie died 26th Oct. 1967. Nicholas Doonan died 5th Feb. 1975. and Mary Jones 21st April 1974.

KEEGAN – see Heeney

KEELAN – This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick Keelan of Drogheda. Underneath lieth his father and mother and four of his children, together with his son Thomas who died the 26th day of December 1738 in the 17th year of his age. Also Anne Butterly, daughter of the above Patrick Keelan who died in the year 1761 aged 28 years. Also four of her children. And Thomas Butterly, late of Drogheda, died 27th January 1901 aged 46 years.

KELLEY – AD 1841.Erected by Patrick Kelley of Sheephouse, to his wife Anne Kelley who departed this life 16th June 1844 aged 65 years. And the above Patrick Kelley who died the 16th Dec. 1844 aged 69 years. His son James Kelley died 23rd Jan. 1849 aged 23 years. And Matthew Finnegan, Newtown Platten, died 10th Feb. 1955. His brother Frank 11th Aug. 1960.

KELLY – Erected by James Kelly FARM to his father Lawence Kelly who died the 28th of July 1830 aged 49 years. His mother Eliza Kelly died the 20th aug. 1844 aged 50 years. His sister Mary Maguinneswho died the 10th of june 1849 aged 40 years. The above James Kelly, died the 5th Feb. 1867 aged 50 years. His daughter Elizabeth Carven, died the 23rd of April 1921 aged 79 years. Also his four children who died young. James Carven, 22nd Nov. 1939. His wife Julia, 23rd May 1949. His sister… Elizabeth, 28th May 1950, Roseann, The 27th Dec. 1957 and Julia, 24th Nov. 1959.

KELLY – Erected A.D. 1883 by Mrs. Bridget Kelly of Upper Rathmullen In memory of her husband Matthew Kelly died 7th December 1879 age 80 years. Her son Patrick Kelly who died young. Also her Daughter Mrs. Jane McCullagh.

KELLY – Here Leith the body of Michael Kelly of Knockcommon who departed this life 18th Feb. A.D. 1741 aged 51 years. Also his wife Mary who died in Feb. 1769.

KELLY – Edward Kelly, Glenmore, who died 18th April 1930aged 78 years. His wife Margaret who died 30th Nov. 1944 aged 86 years. Their son Hugh Patrick, died the 7th Feb. 1970.

KELLY – See Neugent.

KENNY – Michael Kenny, Jun. who died 15th Feb. 1966. His brother john, died 28th May 1974.

KENNY – Michael Kenny, 27th Oct.1953 and his wife Mary Kenny, 12th Jan. 1970.

KERAN – Here lies ye bodies of Richard Keran who deceased ye 11th June 1744 aged 35 years and 5 of his children.

KERAN – ¯Patrick Keran¯ January 8th 1738 aged 80 years. (mems)

KIERANS – James Kierans, Duleek Street, Drogheda, 24th March 1900. His wife Mary Anne, 5th Dec. 1909 and their children… Maggie who died 2nd of Aug.1897 and John, in Sept. 1925, his son James, 12th Feb. 1962 and Patrick who died young.

KING – Erected by Patrick King to the memory of his father Michael King and his mother and his grandmother and his brother Christopher John and his sister, Mrs. Mary Connolly.

KIRK – Erected by Thomas Kirk of Sheephouse to his father Patrick who departed this life 6th Nov. 1837 aged 64 years. And his mother Rose who died 12th Dec. 1843 aged 66 years.

LAWLOR – To our mother Catherine Lawlor, Donore, who died 30th Sept. 1948 aged 75 years. To our father Joseph Lawlor, 17th Sept. 1913 aged 45 years. To our brother… James, 3rd July, 1953 and Thomas, 19th Nov. 1957 and John, 4th Oct,1970.

LAWLOR – Susanna M. Lawlor, Donore, who died 8th July 1968, her husband Joseph, 28th Nov. 1978.

LEECH – Pray for the soul of Mathew Leech who died in April 1898. (an Iron cross)

LEONARD – See McDonnell.

LEVINS – See Moore

LINCH – See Jennet.

LONG – This place belongeth to Path Long and his family, Here lieth the body of his wife Catherine Long who died 15th May 1769 aged 58 years.

LOCHRIN – Erected by Owen Lochrin, Bull Ring, Drogheda in memory of his wife Margaret who died 1st March 1896 aged 47 years. His son Michael J. Captain in the R.A.M.C. who was killed in action at Pilken near Ypres on 23rd Oct. 1914 aged 31 years. Also the above Owen who died 30th Oct 1916 aged 75 years. Their son John died 15th Oct. 1935 aged 56 years.

LOUTH – Erected by Patrick Louth of Platten in memory of his children James, Bridget and Anne. Also Thomas Louth died 1872 aged 43 years.

LYNCH – Erected by Andrew Lynch of Donore to his wife Catherine who died 30th May 1905 aged 60 years. The above Andrew died 3rd Feb. 1925 aged 82 years. His son John 18th March 1946. His daughters, Mary Ann Sinnott Dec. 1947. Catherine 29th June 1948 and Margaret 18th Sept. 1948.

McAULEY – Mrs. Mary McAuley died 18th August 1933 aged 24 years. Also Mrs, Mary Carlin, Rosnaree, “Heartfelt prayer and simple act, A deed in silence wrought. One poor soule in torment racked, nearer Gods heart is brought”.

McANNALLY – Here lieth the body of John McAnally who died 10th May 1753 aged 47 years.

McARDLE – see Bagnall

McCABE – Catherine McCabe died 21st Jan. 1954. Her parents Christopher and Julia McDonnell and her sister Julia.

McCABE – see Maginn

McCORMACK – Erected by Patrick McCormack, Donore, in memory of his mother Mary Ann who died 20th Nov. 1931 and his father Thomas died 29th April 1954.

McCORMACK – Erected by Patrick McCormack, Sheephouse, to his daughter Mary who died 12th July 1910 aged 8 years. The above Patrick McCormack died 2nd Nov. 1920. His son James 13th Sept 1942. His wife Lohanna 17th Nov. 1952 aged 82 years. His son Phillip 30th Dec. 1954 aged 47 years.

McCULLAGH – see Kelly

McCRANN – Erected by Anne McCrann, Duleek St. Drogheda, to her mother Bridget Dignam, died July 1868. Her brother Cormac Dignam died Feb. 1895. The above Anne McCrann died 6th March 1899 aged 70 years. Her son James McCrann 6th Jan. 1913 aged 61years. Also William, son of Patrick McDonnell, John St. died 4th Oct. 1922 aged 8 years.

McDANIEL – Erected by Edward McDaniel, of Platten, in memory of his father Patrick McDaniel who departed this life 7th June 1788 aged 67 years. His sister Annie died 12th April 1785 aged 21 years. And his brother Peter died 4th Feb. 1793 aged 23 years.

McDONALD – Patrick McDonald who departed this life 10th day of April 1770 aged 79 years. Erected by his wife Alice McDonald.

McDONNELL – In memory of Julia, wife of Patrick McDonnell, Mulagroghan, who died 9th May 1893 aged 33 years. Also two of their children Thomas Patrick and Julia who died young.

McDONNELL – Erected Anno Domine 1805 by Christopher McDonnell of Oldbridge in memory of his mother Mary McDonnell who departed this life 6th March 1804 aged 46 years. Also his sister Eliza died 4th Oct. 1801 aged 18 years. His grandfather John Leonard who died 17th Oct. 1796 aged 79 years. Also his grandmother Rose Leonard died 4th March 1796 aged 67 years.

McDONNELL – Erected by John McDonnell of Chesters Lane Drogheda in memory of his children 1817.

McDONNELL – Erected by John McDonnell, Sheephouse, in memory of his father Thomas who died Dec.3rd 1889. And his mother Mary died Oct. 13th 1899. His son William 15th Nov. 1902. His son Thomas died 28th Nov. 1906. And the above John McDonnell 10th April 1916. His wife Anne 21st March 1920. His son John 14th June 1929 and his daughter Elizabeth Courtney 24th Feb. 1935.

McDONNELL – Bernard McDonnell, Bull Ring, Drogheda 31st March 1929.

McDONNELL – see Dignam

McDONNELL – see McCrann

McDONNELL – see McCabe

McENTAGART – see Teiarnan

McGENNIS – 1769 This stone and burial place belongeth to Thomas McGennis and his posterity. Here lieth two of his children who died infants.

McGINN – Margaret McGinn, Donore Road, died 19th March 1925. Her husband Sylvester 1st Dec. 1932. Their daughter Kathleen 18th Aug. 1967. Erected by their daughter Ena.

McGINN – see Fleming.

McGINN – see Owen

McGINNIS – James McGinnis of Oldbridge who died 12th July 1778 aged 61 years. Erected by William McGinnis his son.

McGRANE – Erected AD 1817 by James McGrane of Oldbridge to his wife Judith who died in January 1817 aged 51 years. The above James McGrane died 7th February 1831 aged 56 years.

McGRANE – Erected by Richard McGrane of Sheephouse in memory of his wife Catherine McGrane 2nd Oct. 1913 aged 75 years. Also the above Richard McGrane 9th July 1914 aged 74 years.

McGRUDER – This stone was erected by Thomas McGruder to his father Nicholas McGruder who departed this life 6th Oct. 1817 aged 75 years. And his wife Mrs Catherine McGruder died 6th March 1807 aged 39 years. And his daughter Mary Ann who died young. Also the above Thomas McGruder died 1st Feb. 1826.

McGRUDER – see Mathews

McGOURK – Erected by Bridget McGourk in memory of her husband Michael McGourk of Staleen who died 17th Dec. 1794 aged 42 years.Also John McGourk, father of the above Michael McGourk, who died 13th July 1795 aged 80 years.

McGUINNESS – John McGuinness, Sheephouse, 16th Dec. 1901. His wife Mary 7th Jan. 1937. Their sons Thomas 5th July 1926, Michael 20th May 1957 and Andrew 28th March 1964.

McGUIRK – Elizabeth McGuirk, Glenview Park, 3rd June 1942.

McKENNA – Erected by Richard McKenna of Staleen in memory of his sister Catherine Colgan. She died in Nov. 1812 aged 47 years.

McKENNA – see Greene

McKEAL – Pray for the soul of Michael McKeal who died March 21th 1793. His wife Margaret McKeal, alias Brien. Erected by their sons Patrick and James 1795 of Oldbridge. Also of Mary McKeal who died Jan. 1831 aged 39 years.

McKEON – James McKeon, Donore, 6th Sept. 1934. His wife Margaret 7th Feb. 1919 and his son Patrick 9th Oct. 1944. His so Michael 9th Aug. 1957. And his daughter Margaret 16th June 1975.

McKEON – see Greene

McKEONE – Erected by Patrick McKeone, Platten, to his father Patrick 3rd Sept. 1880. His mother Bridget 12th Jan. 1855. His aunt Mary Gogarty 2nd April 1879. His brother John Oct. 3rd 1914. His sister Mary Brunkard 9th Jan. 1928.

McKEONE – see Powderly

McKONE – see Powderly

McKEOWN – Rose McKeown, Donore Road, 25th Jan. 1957. And her husband James 22nd Feb. 1986.

McKEOWN – see Bellew

McKEOWN – see Gogarty

McLOONE – Patrick McLoone, Sheephouse, 19th Dec. 1964.

McLOUGHLIN – This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick McLoughlin, Miller, in Drogheda where lieth the bodies of three of his children 1769. His wife Mary McLoughlin who departed this life 24th of April 1796 aged 60 years. The above Patrick McLoughlin died 27th of April 1797 aged 66 years.

MADDEN – James Madden, Sheephouse, who died 30th Nov. 1891. His parents Peter and Anne Madden. His brothers Peter and John. His wife Anne died 4th Sept. 1930. His children Anne 14th June 1903, William 25th Dec. 1922, James 22nd Feb. 1936, Peter 9th March 1937 and Julia 16th Feb. 1977.

MAGINN – Erected AD 1815 by Charles Maginn of Donore to his father who died 1st March 1814 aged 72 years. His mother who died 28th Dec. 1811 aged 56 years. Sylvester Maginn, son of the above Charles Maginn who died 5th April 1887 aged 74 years.

MAGINN – Hugh Maginn, late of John St. Drogheda, who died 10th May 1890. His wife Anne died 17th March 1879. His son Hugh died 6th May 1897 and Peter McCabe died 22nd Feb. 1966 and his wife Josephine died 1st Dec. 1972. ( Stone is signed by J.Maginn Chord Rd. Drogheda)

MAGUINNES – see Kelly

MAGUIRE – Erected by Thomas Maguire in memory of his beloved wife Mary Maguire, daughter of James Rock of Oldbridge, who died 3rd Nov. 1824 in the thirty fourth year of her age. The above Thomas Maguire died 18th Dec. 1846.

MAGUIRE – see Murphy

MALONE – Erected by William Malone of Oldbridge to his father William Malone who died in June 1812 aged 56 years. And his sister Catherine Malone who died in Oct. 1812 aged 21 years.

MALONE – William Malone of Oldbridge who departed this life 11th May 1865 aged 70 years. His wife Judith died 22nd Nov. 1864 aged 64 years. His son Francis died Oct. 1850 aged 23 years. And his daughter Bridget died 18th July 1851 aged 12 years.

MARKEY – Erected by Pat Markey, Platten Road, in memory of his father John who died 1867. His mother Judith who died 1862. His uncle Frank Markey and his aunt Kitty.

MARLEY – Erected AD 1818 by John Marley of Rathmullen to his father Neil Markey who departed this life the 1st March 1791 aged 62 years. His mother Jane Marley died in August 1780 aged 57 years, and also of his children who died young. His daughter Bridget who died 27th Jan. 1886.

MARLEY – Michael Marley, Duleek Gate, who died in 1874. His son Michael died 14th Oct. 1931. His grandson, James, 24th Feb. 1935.

MARLEY – see Beahan

MARTIN – Here lieth the body of Thomas Martin of Legavoreen who departed this life 28th July AD 1768 aged 65 years, A dutiful and loving son, bowing to the dispensation of an all wise Providence, has erected this monument, perpetuating what is due to Virtue and Religion, by recording the parents and brothers, whom he loved, and whose memory shall be ever cherished by that son and brother – Robert Martin.

MARTIN – Felix Martin, Donore Road, died 2nd Jan. 1936. His wife Annie 7th Feb. 1932. His son Matthew 11th Feb. 1924. His daughter Mary Ann Mullen died 26th Sept. 1937 and her baby who died young.

MARTIN – Mary Jane Martin, Staleen, died 15th Sept 1904 aged 42 years. Her husband John 26th Jan. 1940 aged 81 years. Also their daughters Kathleen Gogan who died 9th Nov. 1918 aged 33 years. And Margaret Crawley 21st Nov. 1935 aged 39 years. Annie Martin 3rd June 1970 aged 56 years. Their son Thomas 23rd Oct. 1972 aged 82 years.

MARRIE – see Barron

MARRON – see Jennet

MATHEWS – Erected by Patrick Mathews of Drogheda for him and his posterity.

MATHEWS – 1790 This stone and burial place belongeth to John Mathews of Newtown Patten. Here lieth two of his children.

MATHEWS – Thomas Mathews of Rathmullen who died 22nd Sept. 1894 aged 84 years. His son Patrick died 26th May 1895 aged 43 years. His wife Annie 17th June 1898 aged 75 years. His son James died 25th Oct. 1899 aged 33 years. Anne Mathews died 24th Nov. 1916 aged 58 years. Her brother John died 18th Feb. 1949. His son Thomas died 19th Aug 1949. His daughter Dympna 2nd May 1930. His beloved wife Maria 7th June 1981.

MATHEWS – Erected by Margaret Mathews of John’s Gate Drogheda, to her husband John Mathews who died 9th March 1820 aged 70 years. And her daughter Catherine who died 9th May 1801 aged 15 years.

MATHEWS – In memory of William Mathews of Sheephouse.

MATHEWS – This stone was erected by Patrick Mathews of Donore to his brother Laurence Mathews who died 29th June 1792 aged 36.

MATHEWS – Mathew Mathews erected this monument in memory of his wife Margaret Mathews, alias McGruder, who departed this life March ye 17th 1779. Also his daughter Elenor Mathews died Feb. ye 9th 1784 aged 18 years.

MATHEWS – ———–1784 aged 89 years. ——–and ———-Mathews who died April 21.

MATHEWS – see Collins.

MATTHEWS – Erected by Peter Mathews of Hardmans Gardens in memory of his wife Catherine, 10th Dec. 1902 and the above Peter died 1st Oct 1915.

MATTHEWS – James Matthews, Lower Rathmullen, Aug. 29th 1961. His wife Mary Dec. 16th 1968. Their daughter Dymptna , March 24th 1935.

MATTHEWS – Patrick Matthews, Donore, April 16th 1923 aged 56 years. His wife Annie 7th March 1919 aged 55 years. His daughter Eva died 19th March 1919 aged 23 years. His sons, William 14th April 1932 aged 26 years and Patrick and Thomas died in the USA. Also Joseph 1st Aug. 1960. His daughter Margaret 4th June 1984 aged 73 years. Also her brother Johnny, interred in Liverpool, died 27th July 1985 aged 76 years. Their sister Anna interred in New York USA 20th May 1992 aged 90 years.

MATTHEWS – Erected by Thomas Matthews, Corbalis, in memory of his daughter Mary K. Matthews 26th Jan 1909 aged 17 years. Also the above named Thomas Matthews who died 24th Nov. 1929 aged 63 years. His wife Annie died 16th Sept 1953. His son Stephen 5th Feb. 1969.

MEANEY – Erected AD 1882 by Peter Meaney, Sheephouse, to his father and mother Thomas and Elizabeth Meaney. Also his children Peter and Ellen and his grandchild Anne who died young. His wife Sarah, died the 10th April 1894 aged 64 years. The above Peter Meaney died 27th Feb. 1901 aged 66 years. And Mary Doggett 9th June 1910 aged 78 years. Also his daughter in law Maria Meaney, nee Doggett, 16th Nov. 1913 aged 58 years. Her husband, Thomas Meaney, 19th Nov. 1934 aged 79 years and his sons William 31st Jan. 1943, Peter 25th May 1952 and Thomas Brodigan 16th May 1966 aged 61 years.

MOORE – Richard Moore of Beamore Road Drogheda died 3rd July 1878 aged 58 years. And three of his children who died young. Also his wife Mary who died 9th Feb. 1890 and their daughter Teresa who died 25th Jan. 1946.

MOORE – see Bellew

MOORE – see Saurin

MONGHAN – see Cawlen

MOONAN – Pray for the souls of Thomas Moonan, Junior, Rathmullen, who died 10th June 1905 and his brother Charles died 2nd Aug. 1895 and his brother William died in June 1903.

MOONAN – Erected AD 1864 by Michael Moonan, Donore, to his father Patrick Moonan who died 9th June 1861 aged 78 years. The above Michael Moonan died 5th April 1880. His wife Margaret Moonan died 20th March 1893.

MOONAN – Lawence Moonan, Donore, who died 3rd Nov. 1915 aged 35 years. His mother Mary Moonan 12th Sept. 1908 aged 65 years.

MOONAN – see Pentony

MOONAN – see Read

MOONEY – see Craven

MORTON – Erected by Margaret Morton, John’s Gate, to her husband Joseph Morton who died 5th Dec. 1915 and the above Margaret Morton who died 4th Aug. 1967.

MULLEN – Rose Mullen, Rathmullen, 19th Feb. 1875 aged 14 years. Her mother Rose 9th Dec. 1895 aged 77 years. Her father Andrew Mullen died 13th Sept 1897 aged 73 years. Her brother Thomas Mullen died 7th Dec. 1926 aged 68 years. Her sister Anne Mullen died 16th March 1929 aged 81 years. Erected by the above Anne Mullen.

MULLEN – see Fox

MULLEN – see Martin

MULLIN – Erected AD 1809 by Barnaby Mullin in memory of his ancestors Thomas and Margaret Mullin of Platten

MURPHY –  Mr. Thomas Murphy of Drogheda who departed this life on the 17th Nov. Anno Domini 1800 also two of his children, Sarah and Martha who died young. His daughter Catherine died 16th Jan. 1825 aged 25 years. His son Peter who died in Santa Cruz on 15th May 1823 aged 40 years. His daughter Anne, wife of Michael Fleming of Carrickmacross M.D. who died 9th day of Feb. 1833. And Margaret wife and mother to the above who died 31st March 1839. Their daughter Marianne relic of the late Samuel Hindloy of Liverpool, Merchant, who died 1st Jan. 1851.

MURPHY – Patrick Murphy of Drogheda and his posterity. Margaret, his wife, died the 21st day of November 1779 aged 60 years. Also three of his children.

MURPHY – This stone belongeth to Peter Murphy of Drogheda where lies his wife Ann Murphy who died 22nd March 1799 aged 32 years. Also Margaret Maguire, alias Sherlock, who died 19th April 1793 aged 42 years.

MURPHY – In memory of Francis Murphy of Moynalty in the County of Meath who died 23rd Sept. 1843 aged 79 years. His son Thomas Murphy died 5th Dec. 1847 aged 41 years. Stone was erected by John Murohy of Rathmullen in memory of his parents and his brother. And the above John Murphy who died 4th April 1857 aged 60 years.

MURPHY – John Murphy who departed this life AD 1788.

MURRAY – Catherine Murray who died 8th Oct. 1885.

MURRAY – This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick Murray and family, residenters of Drogheda who departed this life 11th Dec. 1803 aged 82 years. Pax Domini sit simper vobiscum. Renewed by Thomas Murray of Donore in memory of his father and mother and the above Thomas Murray who died 10th April 1850 aged 54 years.

MURRAY – Thomas Murray, Donore, 21st Oct. 1956 aged 78 years. His wife Christine 15th Dec. 1975 aged 93 years. Their granddaughter Angela Brodigan 8th June 1950 aged 2½ years. His brothers James and Joe who died in America 21st April 1986 aged 69 years. And Thomas 6th June 1989 aged 77 years.

MURRAY – see White

MURTAGH – see Craven

NARDIN – Here lieth the body of John Nardin who died 4th January 1764 aged 68 years. Erected by his wife Margaret Nardin.

NEARY – Neary Family, Staleen.

NEARY – see Bellew

NEILL – see Carroll

NEUGENT – Erected AD 1845 by James Neugent of Oldbridge in memory of his daughter Anne Kelly who died 29th Nov. 1843 aged 30 years. Also three of his children who died young.

OGLE – Erected by George Ogle of Drogheda in memory of his mother Mary who died 10th July 1905. His brother William 14th March 1929. The above named George Ogle who died 4th Feb. 1930 and his sister Mary Jane 25th March 1947. His sister Bridget Kate 13th June 1952.

O’NEIL – see Doyle

OWEN – Erected by Mrs. Catherine Owen, Staleen, in memory of her fond husband James who died 19th Jan. 1911 and the above Catherine who died April 17th 1927 aged 90 years. Also Thomas McGinn who died 4th Sept.  aged 70 years.

OWENS – see Gibney

O’BRIEN – This tomb was erected AD 1816 by William O’Brien in memory of his father Christopher O’Brien who died 2nd August 1812 aged 60 years. Also eight of his children.

O’CARROLL – see Bellew

O’LEARY – Erected by Mr. Patrick O.Leary of the town of Drogheda, Grocer, for self and posterity. Here lieth the body of his wife Elenor who died 18th May 1821 aged 26 years. Also his daughter Catherine who died young.

O’ROURKE – Michael O’Rourke 12th Nov. 1974 and Rose O’Rourke 17th July 1978.

O’REILLY – see Brunkard.

O’TOOLE – William O’Toole, Donore, 20th Aug. 1930. His wife Anne 30th Sept. 1954.

PONTONEY – The burial place of Richard Pentoney and his family. Here lies his wife Catherine Moonan who died Jan ye 19th 1769 aged 37 years.

PENTONEY – This stone belongeth to Richard Pentoney of Legaworeen and his posterity. His wife Mary Pentoney who departed this life the 23rd March 1763 aged 63 years. Richard Pentoney, deceased 27th August 1766 aged 76 years. The family above mentioned is Patrick Pentony’s of Drogheda , Brog Maker.

PENTONY – Here lieth the body of Patrick Pentony of Gormanstown ( or Carinstown ) who departed this life 24th January 1771 aged 70 years. Also the body of Jane Pentony, his wife, who died 11th October 1769 aged 65 years. Also Christopher Pentony, their son, who died 26th June 1772 aged 31 years. Also the body of Nicholas Pentony, who died 4th June 1790 aged 45 years.

PENTONY – Laurence Pentony who departed this life 11th Jan 1766 aged 68 years.

PENTONY – Erected by Patrick Pentony where lies the body of his father Christopher Pentony who died April ye 14th 1769 aged 55 years.

PENTONY – Erected Anno Domini 1783 in memory of Nicholas Pentony of Newhaggard who died 6th May 1783 aged 56 years. His wife Catherine died 12th December 1791 aged 44 years. Margaret Pentony, their daughter, died 25th March 1791 aged 22 years Also two of their children who died as infants.

PENTONY – see Berrill

PENTONY – see Cawlen

PLUNKET – This stone was erected by John Plunket, Drogheda AD 1798 for him and his posterity. Where underneath lie the remains of his father John Plunket who died 6th of April 1760 aged 50 years. His wife Anne Plunket died 10th of Feb. 1796 aged 58 years.

PLUNKET – Fr. James Plunket 1733.

POWDERLY – Michael Powderly who departed this life the 18th of August 1771 aged 40 years. And his father, brother and sister. Also John McKone who died 26th of Nov. 1816 aged 78 years. And his wife Catherine McKeone died in 1836.

Also their two sons Luke 1st Sept. 1871 aged 75 years and John 16th August 1876 aged 77 years.

QUIN – Erected AD 1843 by Peter Quin of Donore to his mother Bridget Quin who died 14th March 1825 aged 69 years. His brother Lawence died 13th June 1816 aged 15 years.

QUINN – Peter Quinn of Donore who died 10th January 1862 aged 64 years. His daughter Bridget 10th Dec. 1862 and his son who died young. Lawence Quinn died 4th August 1912 aged 84. His wife Mary 10th March 1931 aged 87 years. His son Peter, 22nd Jan. 1959 aged 75 years. And his daughter Eileen 6th Sept. 1951.

QUINN – Erected by Michael Quinn of Beabeg to his father Laurence Quinn June 1824. Also his brother Patrick and two sisters Mary and Rose.

RAMSEY – see Doyle

READ – Erected by Mathew Read of Donore to his father and mother. Also his sister Catherine. And Mary Moonan who died 12th Sept. 1908 aged 66 years.

REID – Erected by John Reid Donore to his daughter Sarah who died 29th Dec. 1882 aged 11 years. The above John Reid died 30th December 1886. His son Thomas died 31st October 1891 aged 37 years, whose wife Annie died in Oct. 1918. Their sons John 19th May 1899 and Nick 25th Jan. 1956. Also Patrick and Roseanna who died young.

REID – Erected by Thomas Reid of Rathmullen to his daughters Bridget and Catherine.

REID – Erected by Luke Reid in memory of his father John Reid who died 9th April 1914 aged 54 years. Also his daughter Maryanne aged 10 years and his wife Margaret 16th Sept. 1943.

REID – Kathleen Reid, Newtown Platten, 3rd Oct. 1944 aged 57 years. Her husband Thomas 14th Dec. 1964 aged 81 years. “Solas na bhflaitheas d’a n-anaim”.

REID – Margaret Reid died 5th Jan. 1926 aged 38 years. Her husband John died 6th Oct. 1978 aged 90 years.

REID – Erected by Catherine Reid of Donore to her son Christopher Reid who died 28th February 1850 aged 20 years. And her husband Patrick Reid died 1st October 1853 aged 50 years. The above Catherine Reid died 17th July 1880 aged 78 years. Her son Patrick died 17th July 1881 aged 44 years. Her son John and her grandchildren John, Mary Kate and William and her daughter-in-law Anne Gogarty and her husband Michael Gogarty.

REILLY – Margaret Reilly 16th October 1932 and Mary ( Mollie ) Reilly 8th March 1929. Michael Reilly, Staleen, who died 19th Aug. 1970 and his wife who died 8th Aug. 1965.

REILLY – Edward Reilly, Staleen, 19th Feb. 1935.

REILLY – Erected by Michael Reilly, Pilltown, to his father John who died 9th May 1890. His mother Bridget died 31st May 1932. Also his sister Alice and grandparents Michael and Rose. The above Michael Reilly 5th July 1953 aged 79 years. His wife Margaret 17th Feb. 1961 aged 67 years.

REYNOLDS – Pray for the soul of William Reynolds, Oldbridge, to whose memory this cross has been raised by his friends at home and abroad, who admired him for his many virtues, sterling patriotism and great and varied gifts and as an artist who successfully illustrated the religious and national glories of his native land. Born 22nd September 1842 Died: 30th December 1881. On the reverse: Guididh air son anama Uilliam Mic Ranaill, Shean Droichid. Also interred under this stone are his sister Catherine Reynolds who died 3rd March 1934. His niece Agnes Reynolds who died 12th Oct 1956. Here also awaiting the Resurrection rests his niece Teresa Reynolds Graham who died 10th July 1967. A loved and honoured wife and mother

. REYNOLDS – Erected AD 1831 by William Reynolds of Oldbridge in memory of his wife Mary who died 28th Nov. 1830 aged 63 years. Also one of their children who died young. The above William Reynolds, his son Patrick, and his wife Mary and their son John. Their daughter Mary who died 18th July 1913. Their son Joseph Reynolds died 21st Nov. 1914. His wife Rose died 10th Jan 1903 and their daughter Anne who died young.

RICE – The remains of John Rice, Sheephouse. Waiting a joyful resurrection 1805.

ROCK – see Maguire

ROUKE – see Finegan

RUSSELL – This stone was erected by Patrick Russell in memory of his father Patrick Russell who died Anno 1734 aged 69 years. Also two of his sisters and one of his children 1775.

SAURIN – This monument was erected by Michael Saurin Esq. of Garballagh, Duleek in memory of his two children Elenor who died 26th July 1846 and Belinda died 29th March 1846. Thomas Saurin died 18th February 1863. Mrs. Eliza Moore died 10th Oct. 1867. Mrs. Bridget Saurin died 10th Aug. 1879 and the late Michael Saurin who died 15th November 1901 aged 61 years. And Anne Cassandras died 7th Nov. 1821.

SHERIDAN – Erected by Patrick Sheridan, Windmill Road, Drogheda in memory of his wife Mary 16th Feb. 1935. Also the above Patrick who died in December 1937.

SHERLOCK – see Murphy

SIMONDS – James Napier Simonds, Lt. Col. The Scinde Horse, died 18th Sept. 1948 aged 64 years. His wife Mollie died 5th Jan. 1975.

SIMONDS – In loving memory of Malachy, F/Sergt , RAF, son of Mary and Napier Simonds of Staleen, Killed in France, 19th Oct. 1944 aged 22 years. Buried at Droup-Ste-Marie.

SINNOTT – see Lynch

SLEVIN – Erected by Nichols Slevin of Rathmullen to his father William Slevin, and his mother Anne Slevin and his brother Luke Slevin.

SLEVIN – see McKeon

MITH – Erected by Charles Smith, Donore Road, in memory of his mother Mary, 3rd Oct. 1941 and his father Patrick 9th Nov. 1941. The above Charles Smith died 13th Dec. 1969. (following an accident).

SMITH – Patt Smith died 16th of April 1754 aged 56 years. Erected by his wife Alice.

SMITH – Mary Anne Smith , St Mary’s Cottages Drogheda 22nd July 1918 aged 35.

SMYTH – Patrick Smyth who died 1895 R.I.P.

SNOW – Erected AD 1815 by James Snow for him and his posterity.

SORAGHAN – Erected by Mathew Soraghan in memory of his mother Mary Soraghan who died 27th Dec. 1793 aged 73 years. Also the remains of my dearly beloved wife Judith who died 21st July 1798 aged 36 years with four of their children who died young. Also the remains of the above Mathew Soraghan who died in 1849.

SORAGHAN – Erected by Rose Soraghan of Oldbridge to her husband Christopher Soraghan and also her son John, Miller and Stone-cutter, who died in March 1800 aged 24 years.

SULIVAN – Here lyeth the body of James Sulivan who departed this life in ye year of our Lord 1740 aged 65 years. This was erected by his wife.

SULLIVAN – Erected by Darby Sullivan of Drogheda in memory of the father Timothy Sullivan who died 11th June 1796 aged 63 years. Also his sister Catherine who died in 1788 aged 18 years and two of his daughters who died young.

SULLIVAN – Joseph Sullivan, Julianstown, 29th July 1942 aged 73 years. His wife Mary 28th Sept. 1954 aged 79 years. Their son John died 10th Feb. 1930 aged 24 years.

SULLIVAN – This stone was erected by Mary Sullivan in memory of her husband John Sullivan who died July 23rd 1775 aged 55 years.

TANGLETT – Thomas Tanglet, who departed this life 25th January 1744 aged 24 years.

TEIARNAN – Erected by Mic Teiarnan of Sheephouse in memory of his father Luke Teiarnan who died 2nd June 1821 aged 40 years and his sister Anna McEntegart, Bottle Lane, Drogheda who died 12th October 1888.

TIERNAN – To the memory of James Tiernan, Jnr., who departed this life 3rd April 1821 aged 22 years. This tomb is erected by his father James Tiernan of Drogheda, Builder.

TIERNAN – Erected by James Tiernan, Oldbridge, for himself and his posterity. Where lieth the remains of his father Nicholas Tiernan. He died 2nd March 1777 aged 62 years. Also his mother Judith died 1st Nov. 1775 aged 56 years. Their son James and his wife Rose. His brother Nicholas, and also Phillip 9th November 1913. His daughter Lizzie 29th Nov. 1936. His wife Julia 17th Feb. 1939. Their son Joseph 29th July 1965 and his wife Bridget 3rd Feb. 1974.

TIRNAN – see Grenan

TOOLE – Erected by Margaret Toole, Rathmullen, to her father Robert Toole who died in March 1871. Her brothers James died in Jan. 1872 and Patrick who died in August 1872. Her brother Owen died in Aug. 1873. Her mother Rose in April 1875. And the above Margaret Toole died 16th June 1907 aged 75 years.

TOOLE – This monumental record was placed here by Patrick Toole of Rathmullen in memory of his mother Catherine Toole who died 29 th Nov. 1819 aged 38 years. And his daughter Catherine died 26th May 1842 aged 12 years. The above named Patrick Toole died 13th Oct. 1856 aged 78 years. His wife Mary Toole died 8th March 1875. James Toole, son of above named, who died 7th August 1877 and his daughter Catherine died 5th May 1874.

TOOLL – This stone and burial place belongeth to James Tooll. His wife Meary Tooll died 23rd day of July 1758 aged 35 years. The above James Tooll died 3rd November 1773 aged 58 years.

TORMLEY – see Gavin

VAUGHEY – Oliver (Tucker) Vaughey 19 Stanley Park, Slane, 22nd July 1993.

VICTORY – Erected by John Victory, Donore, to his father James 15th Oct. 1912. And his mother Jane 2nd Sept. 1917. His brother Bernard 7th July 1927. The above John 20th July 1951. His wife Catherine 28th April 1960.

WALLE – see Moore

WALSH – William Walsh, Donore Road, who died 31st October 1938. And his wife Ellen 9th Jan. 1966 aged 85 years. Erected by their daughter Mollie.

WARD – Erected by Thomas Ward, Oldbridge, in memory of his father Thomas who died in 1847 aged 77 years. And his mother Jane who died in 1868 aged 75 years. The above Thomas Ward died 10th Oct. 1891 aged 66 years.

WHITE – Erected by Charles White, Rathmullen, as a testimony of respect to his father Simon White whose remains are interred beneath this monument. Also Mary, the beloved wife of Simon White and their daughter Catherine who died in May 1891. The above named Charles White died 14th Aug. 1891. His wife Catherine died 30th March 1914.

WHITE – Erected by John White, Cruiserath, to his wife Margaret White who died 15th June 1844 aged 56 years. Also Thomas Murray, Donore, 15th August 1909. His wife Elizabeth died in 1929. His daughters Mary 1934 and Elizabeth Bassett. His son James. His brothers Patrick, John and Michael and his daughter Josephine 30th Jan. 1952.

WHITE – This stone was erected by Patrick White. Here lies his son Thomas White who died 14th Feb. 1784 aged 35 years.

WOODS – Christopher Woods, Rathmullen Road, 19th Dec. 1907. His wife Anne 17th Nov. 1917. Their grandson Thomas Harmon died 18th Dec. 1925. Their son John Woods 8th Jan. 1938 aged 75 years.Their daughter Mary Jane Dowd 28th Feb. 1952 aged 82 years. Her husband Richard Dowd 21st May 1958 aged 82 years. Also their son Richard Dowd 13th Feb. 1973 aged 71 years. Their daughter Anna Dowd 16th Feb. 1990 aged 82 years.

WOODS – Erected by Joseph Woods, Saint Mary’s Cottages, Drogheda to his wife Mary 30th July 1932. His daughter Bridget 21st June 1924. The above named Joseph who died 1st March 1940.

WOODS – see Harmon

WYNNE – Joseph Wynne, The Glue House, Donore Road who died 22nd Dec. 1978 aged 89 years. And his wife Bridget 24th Feb. 1983 aged 72 years.