Gernonstown Cemetery

Brady – IHS In loving memory of Thomas Brady Rushwee who died 19th June 1905.Also his wife Mary who died 29th Oct. 1922 aged 82. And their son John who died June 29th 1944. His wife Mary died 5th March 1963.

Brien – In loving memory of Julia Brien Gernonstown who died May 2nd 1941. Also Michael Reilly died Jan.12 1965 and his wife Mary ex N.T. died April 23 1975 aged 91 years.

Brien – Erected by Thomas Brien in loving memory of his father and mother R.I.P.

Byrne – Erected by John Byrne in memory of his father Garret Byrne who departed this life Dec’r the 22nd 1753 aged 36 years. Also his son Garret Byrne who departed this life August the 22nd 1807 aged 25 years.

Carolan — see Kellett

Cregan – Erected by John Cregan in loving memory of the Cregan Family of Fieldstown and Gernonstown Slane.

Crinnan – Roestown – This stone was erected by Mary Crinnan, alias Femming, in memory of her husband, Michael Crinnan, born 1771 and died  December ye 3rd 1801 aged 30 years. Also her son Patt Crinnan died aged 4 years.

Crinion – IHS Erected by Lizzie Josephine Crinion in loving memory of her husband John Crinion who died at Stackallen the 9th March 1895. On whose soul may the Lord Jesus have mercy.

Crinnion – IHS Erected by Michael Crinnion of Rushwee in memory of his beloved father Michael Crinion who died May 1846. And his mother Anne Crinion who died May 1847. Also of his brother Thomas and sisters Catherine and Mary who died young and of his infant daughter Angela who died March 1864.

Crinion – Erected by Michael Crinion of Rushwee to the memory of his dearly loved child Maria Angela who died in June 1869 aged 16 years.

Crinion – IHS Erected by Michael Crinion of Rushwee in memory of his daughter Maria Angela who died 1st June 1869 aged 16 years. Above named Michael Crinion died 11th Feb. 1897 aged 76 years and his wife Mary died 22nd January 1920 aged 92 years. Also their sons Michael Patrick Crinion B.A. 14th October 1917 and Thomas Francis who died 17th December 1934 aged 78 years. Ellen F. wife of T.F. Crinion who died 23rd March 1954 aged 80 years. R.I.P.

Crinnion – Roestown -IHS Erected by Thomas Crinnion in memory of his father Richard Crinnion who died 20th Jan’y 1872 aged 72 years. And also his mother Elizabeth Crinnion. Also the above Thomas Crinnion who died November 28th 1876 and his wife Jane who died February 12th 1919. Maria Crinion Roestown died 22nd June 1953. Her husband Richard died 26th August 1956. Their daughter Mary died 12th April 1967. Their son Thomas died 3rd January 1968. Their granddaughter Elizabeth R.I.P.

Currin – Here lyeth ye body of Thos. Currin dece’d May ye 26 1770 aged 70 years. Also his wife Catherine Currin alias Keonan dece’d March ye 26 1763 aged 60 years.

Curry – Erected A.D. 1869 by Nicholas Curry Slane in memory of his mother Catherine Curry who died 18th June 1851 aged 64 years. Also his father Matthew Curry who died 25th Sept. 1852 aged 72 years. And also his beloved wife Catherine Curry who died 28 Nov. 1866 aged 30 years.

Doggett – In loving memory of Mary Doggett Rushwee died 6th April 1937 and her husband Patrick died 23rd December 1970. Also their daughter Rita who died young. R.I.P. Erected by Richard and Phyllis King.

Doggett – In loving memory of Robert Doggett Barristown who died 24 July 1954 aged 60 years.

Doherty – Erected by Mary Doherty in memory of her husband Thomas Doherty died 24th July 1935 aged 54 years. The above Mary Doherty who died 28th Sept. 1961 aged 69 years. Their son Michael who died 19th Dec. 1961 aged 45 years. Their son Thomas who died 10th Jan. 1976 aged 63 years. R.I.P.

Duff – Erected by Matthew Duff Rochestown in memory of his father John who died 8 Feb. 1870 and his beloved mother Margaret who died 12 Oct. 1901

Flood – In memory of Richard and Elizabeth Flood died 18 Nov. 1947 died 25th April 1952.

Ginnitty – In loving memory of Thomas Ginnitty who died 28 Oct 1918 aged 23. Patrick Ginnitty died 13 March 1919 aged 31. Matthew Ginnitty died 23 July 1923 aged 32. Mary Ginnitty died 21 Jan.1924 aged 66.

Greay – This stone was erected by James Greay in memory of his father Phillip Greay who died May ye 13th 1764 aged 55 years. Also his wife Elezabeth who died March ye 17 1771 aged 51 years.

Kellett – Erected by Catherine Kellett in memory of her husband Peter Kellett who died in June 1863 aged 60 years. Also her son John who died on the 14th Oct’r 1865 aged 30 years. Also her daughter Catherine Kellett who died on the 11th February 1867 aged 25 years. Also James and Catherine Carolan Ardcalf Slane and their son Andrew

Keonan – see Currin.

King – see Doggett.

Lenney – Erected by Mary Lenney Rochestown in memory of her mother Elizabeth who died 29th April 1921 and her sister, in religion, Sister Angela.

Lynch – In loving memory of William Lynch Gernonstown died 11 July 1955 Margaret Lynch died 1st Feb. 1978 aged 92.

McConnin – Erected by Matthew McConnin of Donore in memory of his father Dennis McConnin died 26th of Feb.1795 aged 76 years. Also his mother Mary McConnin. She died 25th Oct 1797 aged 66 years. R.I.P.

Monoghan – This stone was erected AD 1816 by Thomas Monoghan of Rosestown in memory of his father and mother James and Catherine Monoghan who are here interred.

Moonan – Sacred to the memory of Judith Josephine Moonan who died on the 19th day of June 1887 and of Walter Moonan father of the above who died on the 19th June 1900 aged 75 years. And his wife Marcella who died on the 7 Dec. 1928 aged 83 years.

Murphy – see Tiernan.

O’Leary – Pray for the soul of Bridget O’Leary Gernonstown who died 27 April 1935.

Reilly – see Brien

Shiels – Erected by Christopher Shiels in memory of his mother Bridget Shiels who died on the 6th day of Jan. 1921 aged 69 years. R.I.P.

Tiernan – In loving memory of Rose Tiernan Fennor who died 4 July 1884. Her husband John who died 1 June 1886. Their sons John died 24 Sept. 1901 and Peter who died 18 Sept. 1903. Also their daughters Mary Murphy who died 28 Oct. 1879 and Rose Tiernan who died 8 Sept 1907 R.I.P.

Wall – Erected by Francis Wall in memory of his beloved father Nicholas Wall who died on the 11th March 1880 aged 82 years. Also his beloved mother Margaret Wall who died 8th April 1883 aged 74 years. And also his son Thomas Francis Wall who died Sept. 22nd 1885 aged 19 years. The above Francis Wall who died Jan.15th 1889. His brother James died Feb.27th 1913 aged 83 years. His brother Thomas who died Sept. 11th 1915 aged 75 years. Also Thomas’s wife Rose who died March 2nd 1902 aged 40 years. Nicholas son of Thomas and Rose died 23rd March 1964 aged 75 years. His wife Kathleen died 23rd June 1970 aged 82 years and their children. R.I.P.

Walsh – In loving memory of Mary Walsh Rushwee died 4th May 1944 and her husband John died 20th Nov. 1945. Erected by their son Thomas R.I.P.