Rushwee Cemetery Rathkenny Parish

By Nicholas Wall

Bennett – In loving memory of John Bennett Rushwee died 24th Aug. 1980 Rest in peace.

Burns – In loving memory of Thomas Burns Roslyn Stackallen died 18th Nov. 1982 His wife Annie died 14th Feb. 1983 R.I.P.

Caffrey – see McCullough.

Collins – In loving memory of James Collins Stackallen who died 29th July 2001 aged 84 years

Coyle – In loving memory of James Coyle Gernonstown Slane died 30th August 1983 His beloved wife Elizabeth died 1st January 1997. R.I.P. Sweet Jesus have mercy.

Crahan – In loving memory of Mary ( Cissie ) Crahan Stackallen Navan died 19th November 1992 aged 72 years. Also her husband Farrell died 30th June 1997 aged 82 years. Jesus mercy Mary help. Rest in peace.

Crinion – In loving memory of Sr. Christine ( Kostka ) Crinion died 27th March 2003. May she rest in peace.

Crinion – Erected by Willie Crinion in loving memory of his wife Elizabeth ( Lilly ) Grange Bective Navan died 30th June 1990 aged 84 years Also the above Willie died 8th April 1992 aged 89 years. Rest in Peace.

Crinion – In loving memory of Helen Crinion died 18th September 2004 May Helen rest in peace.

Crinion – In loving memory of John Crinion died 7th February 2003. May John rest in peace.

Crinion – In loving memory of Michael F.Crinion Rushwee House Slane died 19th March 1991 aged 84 years. Also his beloved wife Maureen Crinion died 24th Dec 1993 aged 76 years. Rest in Peace.

Curtis – Joe Curtis died Dec 4th 1993 R.I.P.

Dooner – In loving memory of Francis (Frank) Dooner Dunderk died 11th December 1992 aged 72 years. Also his beloved wife Una died 28th July 1993 aged 73 years. R.I.P. Forever in our hearts. Gentle Jesus up above Please give Patrick Peter all our Love. 20th Jan. 1995. ( small heart shaped stone ) . Someone Special ( small diamond shaped stone.) Son We hold you close within our hearts And there you shall remain To walk with us throughout our lives Until we meet again. I prayed for you at Knock. ( small rectangular stone )

Farrelly – Treasured memories of Rachel Farrelly Gernonstown     08/02/2007   —   13/02/2007

Finnegan — Catherine Finnegan died April 9th 1997 R.I.P.

Garry – In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather, Michael Garry Rochestown Slane who died 25th June 2005.

Gascoin – In loving memory of Nancy Gascoin (nee McKeever) Stackallen and Skerries died 22nd Oct. 1998. Rest in Peace.

Goodwin – Treasured Memories of Louie Goodwin French Lane Stackallen died 7th January 2000 aged 77 Years. Rest in Peace. Always Remembered by his loving family.

Goodwin – In loving memory of John Goodwin Born Stackallen 8th April 1933 Died London 8th July 1989. R.I.P. Will always be remembered by those who loved him.

Grimes – In loving memory of Edward ( Eddie ) Grimes Stackallen Navan who died 13th January 1986. R.I.P. Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul.

Heigh – Forever in our hearts Sophie Heigh our cherished baby and sister. The brightest star in the sky. Born  on   22nd June 2005 and died on 26th July 2005. You are always with us, we will always love you.

Hoey – In loving memory of our dear mother Alicia Hoey Gernonstown died 2-12-1980. R.I.P.

Keogan – In loving memory of Bridget Keogan Rushwee Slane died 28th October 1993. Her husband Michael died 2nd May 2002. Rest in Peace.

King – In loving memory of my beloved husband Richard King Rushwee Slane who died 26th April 1987. His wife Phyllis who died 2nd Oct. 1998 R.I.P. Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on us.

McCullough – In loving memory of Mary Kate McCullough Rushwee who died 19th Nov. 1977 aged 73 years Her sister Shiela Caffrey died 15th May 1989 aged 78 years.

McGovern – In loving memory of Robert Stephen McGovern Caucestown died 30th Sept. 1987 aged 77. His brother Patrick died 16th Mar. 1990 aged 85. Rest in peace.

McGuinness – Treasured memories of a loving wife and mother Geraldine (Gerry) McGuinness Beaufort Place Navan Died 3rd November 2005 aged 42 years. A special person. A special face. Someone we loved and can never replace. Never selfish, always kind. These are the memories Geraldine leaves behind.

McKeever – see Gascoin

McKenna – In loving memory of Owen a dear husband and father College Hill who died 23rd Aug. 1988 aged 65 years. Nancy beloved wife mother and grandmother who died 9th May 2003 aged 79 years. Those who are truly loved never die.

McMahon – In loving memory of a dear husband and father Thomas McMahon Rochestown Slane died 16th May 2001. His infant children Jane Agnes 13th December 1946 aged 10 days. Raphael Michael 13th September 1949 aged 2 days.

Markey – In loving memory of Ciaran Markey died 17th February 2003 May Ciaran rest in peace.

Markey – Cherished memories of Baby Sinead Markey Born an Angel 28th May 1995 Always in our thoughts.

Martin – In loving memory of Michael Martin Gernonstown died 30 July 1978 aged 79 and his wife Mary died 16 Jan. 1980 aged 79. Also their son Michael died 31 Aug. 1994 aged 72.

O’Brien – In loving memory of Margaret ( Peggy) O’Brien Gernonstown died 20. July 2000 aged 79 years Her husband Laurence (La) died 7. May 2001 aged 79 years Rest in Peace.

Reilly – In loving memory of John Reilly Stackallen died 26th Dec. 1977 aged 67 years and his wife Kathleen died 30th July 1999 aged 83 years. R.I.P. Erected by his wife and family.

Reilly – With love we Remember our dear son and brother John Reilly French Lane Stackallen who died following an accident on 10th August 1991 aged 19 years. Sacred heart of Jesus have Mercy. Erected by his Parents Sisters Brothers and Nephew. ( F. Rennicks Sculptor ) Into glory rides the soul of our friend John Taken by the wings of heaven His memory still lives on with his loved ones His childhood eyes full of innocence His heart full with unfinished dreams The wind cries his name in the breeze He’s one breath away from heavens light Too old to die too young to say goodbye 21st Birthday Rememberance 11-8-1993 Love from your friends and family. (small rectangular stone)

Rowan – In loving memory of Verona Rowan Stackallen died 15th Dec 1978 Also Thomas Rowan beloved husband and father died 24th July 1995. Always remembered by all the family.

Smyth – In loving memory of Joseph Smyth Ennis and Waterford died 8th Nov. 1989 aged 85 yrs. Also his wife Deirdre nee McKeever died 13th March 2001. R.I.P.

Timmons – In loving memory of Bridie Timmons Gernonstown Slane who died 17th February 1992. Loving daughter of the late Peter and Maryann Timmons. May she rest in peace. Always remembered by her loving family.

Timmons – In loving memory of Eugene ( Ownie) Timmons Rochestown Slane died 2nd July 1984 aged 68 years. His brother James died 16th March 1998 aged 79 years. R.I.P.

Timmons – In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Gertie Timmons Ballymadun and Manchester died 5th July 1986 aged 55 years.Her husband John died 11th Feb. 2002 aged 77 years. Loving Husband, Father and Grandad. R.I.P. Our lady of Lourdes pray for her.

Timmons – In loving memory of a dear husband and father John (Jack) Timmons Stackallen died 21st May 1990 aged 79 years. His wife Maureen died 2nd Jan. 1999 aged 75 years. The gentle are blessed R.I.P.

Timmons – Cherished memories of a loving mother Josephine ( Annie ) Timmons 6 St.Erc’s Terrace Slane died 11th Sept. 2000 aged 79 years. Rest in Peace.

Walsh – In loving memory of Josephine Walsh Rushwee who died 25th December 1993 aged 72 years. Her husband Thomas died 28th April 1998 aged 78 years.