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Coal Mining

Coal Mining at Coalpits, Slane

OSI Map (1829-42) – “Shaft sunk in search of coal”

© Ordnance Survey Ireland/Government of Ireland. Copyright Permit No. MP 001322

Coal Mining – Slane

Statistical Survey of County Meath, 1802 – Robert Thompson.

Page 357: “Ovens are generally heated by furze or soft turf, most commonly the latter. Coal was for some years since raised in the Barony of Slane, of a good quality and in a tolerable quantity, but the water becoming too powerful, the company desisted. A fresh company was however lately established who have desisted from the search, the veins being found to be so very small as not to repay the expense incurred teeming out the immense quantity of water with which the pit is flooded; and the difficulty arising from cutting an under-drain, being extremely great, rendered the project unfortunately abortive.”

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