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Copper Mining

Copper mining at Beauparc

OSI Map (1829-42) – Beauparc – “Copper formerly worked here”

© Ordnance Survey Ireland/Government of Ireland. Copyright Permit No. MP 001322

 Copper mines

Statistical Survey of County Meath, 1802. Robert Thompson

Page 25: “This vein of copper ore runs from Walterstown in a north-east direction towards the Boyne and has been worked with various success upon the estate of Sir Marcus Somerville Bart. and on that of Gustavus Lambert in Duleek barony by miners who, it is supposed, did not do justice to their employers; and hence though the quality of the ore was found equal to any in Great Britain and superior to many, yet from some fatality, ever attendant on the generality of works of the nature of Ireland it has lain neglected when perhaps immense treasures might be derived there from.

Statistical Survey of County Meath, 1802. Robert Thompson

Appendix No 8

From Rev George Lambert

“This rich vein of copper runs in a direct line for about a mile from the south side of the Boyne until it reaches the river. It has been worked by two different companies but never done justice to and the ore which was raised by both was transmitted to Liverpool where it met with general approbation as to its quality.  The difficulty of working it arises from the water, which springs a very few fathoms below the surface of the earth and in many places the copper has been found within fifteen or twenty fathoms from the top. It had been originally intended had the work been carried forward to have run a drift from the Boyne to the work to bring off the water; and it was supposed that the expense of attending this would have been amply repaid as they proceeded, because ore would have been found in every field. However in consequence of late mechanical improvements, all this might now be considered as unnecessary.

                        I Remain, &c,

                                    George Lambert”

Another copper mining operation was established around the turn of the 20th century in a nearby location and the poet Francis Ledwidge was employed there, briefly. The mine ceased by the mid 1920’s despite attempts to get the government to assist in getting it operational again

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