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By Nicholas Wall

BRACKEN – In loving memory of John Bracken died 17th August 1941 and his wife Catherine died 10th September 1951.

CAMPBELL – Pray for the soul of Michael Campbell of Tuiterath who died 1st October 1876 aged 79 years and of his daughter Catherine who died young.

CHRISTY – Here lieth the body of Elenor Christy who departed this life on the 10th October 1795 aged 49 years. Also her beloved husband James Christy who departed this life on the 7th January 1813 aged 89 years. Also five of their children who died young. Here also lie several of his posterity.

GAFFNEY – In loving memory of Elizabeth Gaffney died 16th May 1982 aged 91. Also her parents John and Mary Tallon, her brothers John and James. R.I.P.

GALLAGHER – In loving memory of a dear husband and father Martin Gallagher, Cashel, Slane died 10th October 1994 aged 39 years.

GILLERAN – In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth Gilleran ( nee Bay Muldoon) died 20th October 1949. Her brother James Muldoon, Lougher died 2nd May 1960 aged 71 years.

GROGAN – Pray for the souls of the Grogan family who are interred here.

HARDING – Toddy Harding Fennor 1945 – 1998

MULDOON – see Gilleran.

MULDOON – Erected by Thomas Muldoon in memory of his father John Muldoon died April 20th 1920 aged 81. Also his mother Catherine Muldoon of Rosnaree Slane who died January 14th 1939 aged 88 years. The above Thomas died 24th January 1965 aged 70. His brother William died 2nd October 1973 aged 86.

O’BRIEN – In loving memory of Patrick O’Brien Thurstainstown died 16th February 1974.

ROAICH – This stone and burial place belongeth to William Roaich of Fenner and his posterity. Here lieth the body of his son Patrick Roaich. He departed this life September 9th AD 1757 aged 18 years.

TALLON – see Gaffney

VAUGHEY – In loving memory of Patrick ( Patsy ) Vaughey, Fennor, who died 5th February 1968 aged 46.

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