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(Additional information in italics supplied by James (Jimmy) Carolan, 2022)

Brady – IHS In loving memory of Thomas Brady Rushwee who died 19th June 1905.Also his wife Mary who died 29th Oct. 1922 aged 82. And their son John who died June 29th 1944. His wife Mary died 5th March 1963.

Bennett – see Duff

Brien – In loving memory of Julia Brien Gernonstown who died May 2nd 1941. Also Michael Reilly died Jan.12 1965 and his wife Mary ex N.T. died April 23 1975 aged 91 years.

(There is a headstone beside the above but too eroded to get any details. Also a small concrete cross lying on the ground. No inscription. This grave is the subject 0f a court case about an illegal burial. See newspaper report below- per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Brien – Erected by Thomas Brien in loving memory of his father and mother R.I.P.

(Thomas Brien was known as Joey and was grandfather of Noel and Jimmy per Jimmy Carolan)

Byrne – Erected by John Byrne in memory of his father Garret Byrne who departed this life Dec’r the 22nd 1753 aged 36 years. Also his son Garret Byrne who departed this life August the 22nd 1807 aged 25 years.

Carolan — see Kellett

Cregan – Erected by John Cregan in loving memory of the Cregan Family of Fieldstown and Gernonstown Slane. Mary Cregan died 13th November 1983 and her husband John died 15th November 1991.

(Tom Cregan, Gernonstown, is buried here – died 6th December 1956, aged 50 years, a farmer. He was a brother of the above John (Jack) Cregan – per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Crinnan – Roestown – This stone was erected by Mary Crinnan, alias Femming, in memory of her husband, Michael Crinnan, born 1771 and died  December ye 3rd 1801 aged 30 years. Also her son Patt Crinnan died aged 4 years.

Crinion – IHS Erected by Lizzie Josephine Crinion in loving memory of her husband John Crinion who died at Stackallen the 9th March 1895. On whose soul may the Lord Jesus have mercy.

(This stone is set in the church wall – per Jimmy Carolan)

Crinnion – IHS Erected by Michael Crinnion of Rushwee in memory of his beloved father Michael Crinion who died May 1846. And his mother Anne Crinion who died May 1847. Also of his brother Thomas and sisters Catherine and Mary who died young and of his infant daughter Angela who died March 1864.

Crinion – Erected by Michael Crinion of Rushwee to the memory of his dearly loved child Maria Angela who died in June 1869 aged 16 years.

(Headstone in the church – per Jimmy Carolan)

Crinion – IHS Erected by Michael Crinion of Rushwee in memory of his daughter Maria Angela who died 1st June 1869 aged 16 years. Above named Michael Crinion died 11th Feb. 1897 aged 76 years and his wife Mary died 22nd January 1920 aged 92 years. Also their sons Michael Patrick Crinion B.A. 14th October 1917 and Thomas Francis who died 17th December 1934 aged 78 years. Ellen F. wife of T.F. Crinion who died 23rd March 1954 aged 80 years. R.I.P.

(Headstone in the church per Jimmy Carolan)

Crinnion – Roestown -IHS Erected by Thomas Crinnion in memory of his father Richard Crinnion who died 20th Jan’y 1872 aged 72 years. And also his mother Elizabeth Crinnion. Also the above Thomas Crinnion who died November 28th 1876 and his wife Jane who died February 12th 1919. Maria Crinion Roestown died 22nd June 1953. Her husband Richard died 26th August 1956. Their daughter Mary died 12th April 1967. Their son Thomas died 3rd January 1968. Their granddaughter Elizabeth R.I.P.

Currin – Here lyeth ye body of Thos. Currin dece’d May ye 26 1770 aged 70 years. Also his wife Catherine Currin alias Keonan dece’d March ye 26 1763 aged 60 years.

Curry – Erected A.D. 1869 by Nicholas Curry Slane in memory of his mother Catherine Curry who died 18th June 1851 aged 64 years. Also his father Matthew Curry who died 25th Sept. 1852 aged 72 years. And also his beloved wife Catherine Curry who died 28 Nov. 1866 aged 30 years.

Doggett – In loving memory of Mary Doggett Rushwee died 6th April 1937 and her husband Patrick died 23rd December 1970. Also their daughter Rita who died young. Also their son Patrick died 25th September 2000. R.I.P. Erected by Richard and Phyllis King.

Doggett – In loving memory of Robert Doggett Barristown who died 24 July 1954 aged 60 years.

Doherty – Erected by Mary Doherty in memory of her husband Thomas Doherty died 24th July 1935 aged 54 years. The above Mary Doherty who died 28th Sept. 1961 aged 69 years. Their son Michael who died 19th Dec. 1961 aged 45 years. Their son Thomas who died 10th Jan. 1976 aged 63 years. Their son Francis who died 4 Mar 1995, aged 75 years, Their son Nicholas who died 30 October 2015, aged 87 years.

(Mary Doherty was a sister of Nicholas Wall who died in 1964. This stone is located within the church. Per Jimmy Carolan, 2022).

Duff – Erected by Matthew Duff, Rochestown, in memory of his father John who died 8 Feb. 1870 and his beloved mother Margaret who died 12 Oct. 1901

Also buried here but not noted on the stone is Matthew Duff and Maggie Bennett who died early 1950’s. She was a niece of the Duff’s and lived with them as their housekeeper. Duffs left the farm to Maggie Bennett who sold it to Philip McMahon’s grandfather. Maggie Bennett moved to live in the small lodge at Michael Mongey/Jenkinsons’ house. (Curnihanstown House). She was a sister of Joe Bennett who lived on the British Hills in Doherty’s old house. This headstone is located inside the church. The 1911 census records John Duff (aged 67) living in Rochestown. Presumably John is also buried here. Maggie Bennett (niece) is also recorded in the census (per Jimmy Carolan 2022).

Femming (Flemming?)- see Crinnan

Flood – In memory of Richard and Elizabeth Flood died 18 Nov. 1947 died 25th April 1952.

(Flood and Flynn families are related – per Jimmy Carolan)

FlynnIn loving memory of Leo Kieran Flynn, Rathdrinagh, Beauparc
died 21 st Jan 1985 aged 61. His mother Mary died 25th November 1947 aged 67. His father John died 15th May 1949 aged 80. His sister Mary Mooney died 30th March 1972 aged 60. Her husband John died 29th June 1952 aged 46. Also his uncles Laurence died 1st Dec 1948 aged 68, Patrick died 24th March 1958 aged 80.
Rest in Peace
(per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Ginnitty – In loving memory of Thomas Ginnitty who died 28 Oct 1918 aged 23. Patrick Ginnitty died 13 March 1919 aged 31. Matthew Ginnitty died 23 July 1923 aged 32. Mary Ginnitty died 21 Jan.1924 aged 66. Thomas Ginnity died 1937 aged 74. His son Andrew died 2nd Sept 1957 aged 68. James died 1 st Jan 1958 aged 65. Interred St. Colmcilles Kells. R I P

Gray – See Greay below

Greay – This stone was erected by James Greay in memory of his father Phillip Greay who died May ye 13th 1764 aged 55 years. Also his wife Elezabeth who died March ye 17 1771 aged 51 years.

There are several generations of Grays also buried here but no details inscribed on the stone. Matty Gray died 29th February 1944 aged 73 years. Tommy Gray died 1951. Julia Gray died 21 st January 1959 aged 91 years at St Josephs in Trim. Grays lived in Davidstown.The 1911 census records Catherine Gray living in Davidstown with sons James, Matthew and Thomas and daughter Julia. The 1901 census also records Matthew Gray
husband of Catherine It is likely that Catherine, her husband
Matthew and son James are also buried here – per Jimmy Carolan, 2022.

Kellett – Erected by Catherine Kellett in memory of her husband Peter Kellett who died in June 1863 aged 60 years. Also her son John who died on the 14th Oct’r 1865 aged 30 years. Also her daughter Catherine Kellett who died on the 11th February 1867 aged 25 years. Also James and Catherine Carolan, Ardcalf, Slane and their son Andrew.

(Some more information not noted on the stone
James Carolan died 24 th Feb 1948 aged 81. Catherine Carolan (Kellett) died 2nd June 1929 aged 50
Andrew Carolan died June 1967 aged 61
Also Lily Carolan who died young
The above Catherine Kellett died June 1877
Her son Patrick died 22nd March 1905 aged 79
His wife Mary (Maguire) died 19th April 1904 aged 72 – per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Keonan – see Currin.

King – see Doggett.

Lenny – Erected by Mary Lenny Rochestown in memory of her mother Elizabeth who died 29th April 1921 and her sister, in religion, Sister Angela.

(This headstone is located within the church. The inscription is inlaid in lead. The 1911 Census records Elizabeth Lanny as living in Rochestown, aged 74. She was 84 at the time of her death – Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Lynch – In loving memory of William Lynch Gernonstown died 11 July 1955. Margaret Lynch died 1st Feb. 1978 aged 92.

(This stone is located outside the church on the Slane side – per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Maguire – see Kellett

McConnin – Erected by Matthew McConnin of Donore in memory of his father Dennis McConnin died 26th of Feb.1795 aged 76 years. Also his mother Mary McConnin. She died 25th Oct 1797 aged 66 years. R.I.P.

Monoghan – This stone was erected AD 1816 by Thomas Monoghan of Rosestown in memory of his father and mother James and Catherine Monoghan who are here interred.

Moonan – Sacred to the memory of Judith Josephine Moonan who died on the 19th day of June 1887 and of Walter Moonan father of the above who died on the 19th June 1900 aged 75 years. And his wife Marcella who died on the 7 Dec. 1928 aged 83 years.

This stone is on the Gernonstown Rd side of the church.
Moonans lived in Gernonstown House. They are not
recorded in the 1901 or 1911 census.
The last of the Moonans in Gernonstown died in the late
1920’s. Presumably this was Marcella who died in 1928
(per Jimmy Carolan)

Mooney – see Flynn

Murray – see Tiernan

Murphy – see Tiernan.

O’ Leary – Pray for the soul of Bridget O’ Leary, Gernonstown who died 27 April 1935.

(This stone is broken into three pieces. No mention of her name on 1911 census in Gernonstown.
On 27th April at the District Hospital in Drogheda Bridget O
Leary from Lynch’s Cross Drogheda, a widow, died aged 65
years. She was the widow of a shopkeeper. There are
indications that the O Leary family had a house and lived
down the fields behind Cathal O Donnell’s house. This land is now owned by Brian Carolan – per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

O’ Rourke – see Springan

Plunkett Fr. (?)Jesus Mary Joseph Salvator Pa?tonav Adulosic salva?
Protégé defende Pecca/hiolem Lamulum L’alumuni clic/ehicm
Sublioti apido Lacchiom loscpli Slanicchujus J C Obhi — nobchibhs
1700 ciccrat Succanu Supihagelsimo Quarto

This stone is on the right hand side of the gate and is flat.
It could be the grave of Father Plunkett who was buried in
Gernonstown cemetery in 1760. Hard to make out the inscription – needs more work

This is the only flat stone found and is facing opposite to all
other stones.
(Per Jimmy Carolan, 2022)

Reilly – see Brien

Sheils – In loving memory of Christopher and Rose Sheils, Roestown, Stackallen, Slane and members of the Sheils family, Rest in Peace. Erected by Christopher Sheils in memory of his mother Bridget Sheils who died on the 6th day of Jan. 1921 aged 69 years. R.I.P.

SpringanSpringan family also buried inside the gate on the right.
No headstone or grave marker visible
The Springan family lived in Davidstown Slane.
Christy Springan was last to be buried here in 1970’s.
The 1911 census records Patrick and Maggie Springan living
in Davidstown with their sons Christy and Patrick and
daughters Cathleen Maggie and Bridget.
Patrick and Maggie would be buried here along with
Patrick’s brother James who lived with them.
James Springan died 20th October 1925 aged 63 years
No record of where Cathleen and Maggie were buried but
Bridget was married in Dublin (Bridget O’Rourke) and is most likely buried in Dublin. Other Springan deaths in Davidstown very likely buried here. Christopher Springan (Davidstown) died 4/6/1877 aged 18. Farmer’s son – consumption. Mary Springan Davidstown died 12/06/1880 aged 53. Farmers wife – bronchitis. Christopher Springan Davidstown died 11/07/1889 aged 80. Farmer – burned to death; accidental death. Mary Springan Davidstown died 14/12/1902 aged 11 years – farmer’s daughter – tubercular meningitis. Per Jimmy Carolan, 2022.

Tiernan – In loving memory of Rose Tiernan, Fennor who died 4 July 1884. Her husband John who died 1 June 1886. Their sons John died 24 Sept. 1901 and Peter who died 18 Sept. 1903. Also their daughters Mary Murphy (Murray?) who died 28 Oct. 1879 and Rose Tiernan who died 8 Sept 1907 R.I.P.

Wall – Erected by Francis Wall in memory of his beloved father Nicholas Wall who died on the 11th March 1880 aged 82 years. Also his beloved mother Margaret Wall who died 8th April 1883 aged 74 years. And also his son Thomas Francis Wall who died Sept. 22nd 1885 aged 19 years. The above Francis Wall who died Jan.15th 1889. His brother James died Feb.27th 1913 aged 83 years. His brother Thomas who died Sept. 11th 1915 aged 75 years. Also Thomas’s wife Rose who died March 2nd 1902 aged 40 years. Nicholas son of Thomas and Rose died 23rd March 1964 aged 75 years. His wife Kathleen died 23rd June 1970 aged 82 years and their children, Rose, Michael, Nicholas and Christopher who died young. Their son Kevin died 13 March 1942, aged 18 years. This headstone is located in the church (per Jimmy Carolan)

Walsh – In loving memory of Mary Walsh Rushwee died 4th May 1944 and her husband John died 20th Nov. 1945. Erected by their son Thomas R.I.P.

Additional information provided by Jimmy Carolan, 2022

In addition there are 3 flat stones inside the church walls
which may be headstones – cannot read them.
The baptismal font which was located inside the church
seems to have been taken to the back of Rushwee church.
There are 4 large stone pieces with carvings on them
dumped in the left hand corner of the cemetary inside the
gate. Does anyone have any idea what they might be???
In addition we have recently discovered a headstone partially
buried in the corner along the Gernonstown road/Slane side
of the cemetery. We are not able to move it to see if we can read any inscription which may be on it.

Drogheda Independent 21/09/1901

Illegal internment at Gernonstown Slane
The magistrates order the body to be exhumed.

At the Slane Petty Sessions on Tuesday last Messers J B Irwin RM (Presiding) and Peter Austin JP, a case of a most unusual character and one which excited considerable interest was heard. The facts of the case are briefly as follows :-A labouring man named Neary, a native
of Gernonstown and who was for a number of years in the employment of Peter Gaughran, a farmer living in the same locality, died in the Navan Workhouse some two months ago, and at his request, made a short time before his death, his remains were taken to Gernonstown cemetery for interment. Neary pointed out the grave where his remains were to be placed some time before to a man named Sheils and he and three others proceeded to make the grave in the place indicated when intimation had been received of the death of Neary. On the day of the funeral a man named Patrick Brien of Gernonstown came on the scene and claimed the
grave as portion of his burial place. The four men who were engaged in performing the last rites over Neary refused to desist although Mr Brien warned them of the consequences and Neary was interred in what Brien claimed to be his family burial place. Summonses were issued against Peter Gaughran, who was alleged to be responsible for the funeral
arrangements, and Thomas Ginnity, James Finnegan and Thomas Hand, his alleged agents for having illegally interred the body in the plot. An order was also sought to have the body exhumed. Mr Magee, solicitor, who appeared on behalf of Mr. Brien, stated that he was present at the funeral of Richard Neary on the 21 st of July; when he went to the cemetery he found that it was one of his graves that had been opened; his mother had been buried in this grave in 1881; there are three graves in plaintiffs plot and his father was buried in one in 1889 and his uncle in the other in 1883; plaintiff told the men that that was his grave and one of them told him that there was room enough in it for all and another said when they had the corpse in the grave plaintiff might then take the coffin up if he liked. Plaintiff also told Mr Gaughran that it was his grave and Mr. Gaughran “ neither said ay or no” Plaintiff gave no written authority or consent to have the body buried in that grave. The defendant Hand shoved plaintiff away when he tried to prevent them from carrying out the interment. Ginnity and Finnegan assisted at the interment. In reply to the chairman plaintiff said there were skulls and bones taken up out of the grave; a lot of them were not put back again and they remained exposed on the surface. Mr. Gaughran – Was I at the grave at all when the burial took place? Plaintiff – Yes you were there, Mr. Gaughran- didn’t you say you would go and see your brother – the long fellow- about the grave? (laughter) Plaintiff – I did not.
Mr. Gaughran – It appears that the grave did not belong to him at all. Chairman – Well, he swears that it does. James Brien, brother of the plaintiff, stated that he knew his family burial place for the past 30 years but was not present on the day that the interment took place; he
saw the police three days afterwards; the grave in which Neary was buried was the same in which witness’s mother had been interred in 1881. In reply to Mr. Gaughran witness said that this grave never belonged to a man named Tiernan of Slane. Chairman – Has any of the
defendants any questions to ask? Mr Ginnity – Yes I want to ask the plaintiff a few questions. Chairman- All right. Ginnity (to plaintiff) – Come along Pat (laughter). Pat came forward and in reply to Ginnity he said that Ginnity did not ask him if he would bury Neary in the grave that was opened; he said when the coffin had been put down in spite of him “wait till I see my brother” Plaintiff was sure that his father was buried in the right place. In fact, he could run in the clouds of the night and put his hands on his fathers grave. Plaintiff did not bring anyone to the place to know if his father had been buried in the right place. Ginnitty plied the brother James with the same question and after some hesitation he said that he did a long time ago. He did not bring any woman to examine the place. Mr Ginnetty –
Did you or did you not? Witness – I did not. Mr Magee – he swore it already. Mr. Ginnetty– Well he may deny it for denial is the best part of the law (laughter). He brought an old neighbour to see if his father was buried in the right place. Mr. Magee – Bring the old neighbour here. Mr Ginnetty – We did not get any time. The summonses were only served
on Saturday. Thomas Brien was next for the prosecution. When the book was tendered tohim Thomas motioned it away and expressed his determination to refuse to assist in the solution of the mystery unless his expenses were guaranteed. He wanted to know who would
pay him for his day. The Chairman told him that he would not and ordered him to take the book. He was sworn and in reply to Mr. Magee he stated that he could not say if he opened the grave at his own instigation. He went there to give a helping hand. He was asked by
Miss Gaughran to do so; he did not tell James Brien that he had been asked by Peter Gaughran to help open the grave. At the opening of the grave witness saw a breast plate with ‘881on it; the first figure was erased. James Sheils pointed out the grave. Mr Gaughran asked that James Sheils who got the instructions from the dead man be heard. Sheils was sworn and he stated that Richard Neary “laid it on him as an obligation to make the grave forhim” ;witness made the grave for Neary’s son. Richard Neary pointed out the grave to witness about two years ago; witness saw Richard Neary on New Year’s Day in Navan
workhouse and Neary asked him to see that he would be buried alongside his son; when Pat Brien objected to the burial witness asked him “Pat what will I do” and Pat said he did not know until he would see the long fellow (laughter). Mr Magee – did you pay for the coffin
for this man. Witness – I did not. Mr Magee – Your employer did. Witness under cross examination stated he did not know who paid for the coffin ; he went of his own accord and made the grave; he did not know that anyone had been buried in that grave in 1881; he did not wonder that the date on the breastplate coincided with the date on which Mrs Brien died; a man named Keegan assisted. The chairman said that it was not necessary to go into this evidence. Mr Magee –the only thing that I want is to get Gaughran into it. Mr Gaughran – Oh indeed you do. Mr Magee – he was the man who carried through all the arrangements. Mr
Gaughran – It is not proved that I did. Mr Magee – He had a few pounds belonging to the deceased. James Brien was recalled and he stated that he was present at young Neary’s funeral; he was buried about a perch away from the disputed territory; the reason he remembered it so well was because after he went to the cemetery and whilst the grave was
being filled in he went to pray at his mother’s grave; it is usual to do this when parties attend a funeral. Peter Gaughran volunteered to give evidence. He stated that he was present at the funeral; he gave no instructions or had nothing to do with the arrangements; he did not order the hearse; neither did he order the coffin; witness did know anyone who any of Neary’s money; he had none of Neary’s money. Mr Magee asked for an order for the exhumation of the body. The Chairman asked who was to carry out the order if they made it. Mr Magee
said it would depend on the manner on which the order was made. Chairman- who is the order to be addressed to? Would the parties who interred the body be willing to carry out the order? Mr Magee – I believe they will. Mr Gaughran – is it now. Chairman – we will adjourn the case. D. I. Lyon said the police would not allow the body to be exhumed without an order from the magistrates. The case against Peter Gaughran was dismissed as there was no evidence to show that he assisted in the interment. The defendants Ginnity, Finnegan and Hand were fined 2s6d each and an order was made requiring them to disinter and remove the remains from Mr Brien’s burial place. One of the defendants told their worships that he would go to jail sooner than pay for having assisted in the interment of the dead; he also intimated that he would refuse to assist in carry out the order for disinterment.

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