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Grangegeeth N. S. 1959

Fourth Row (girls at back):
Bella Griffin, Angela Loughran, Mary Wogan, Peggy Carpenter, – Skelly, Gardenia Duff, — Duff and Michael Leahy, school principal.
Third Row:
 Joe Kealy, Kevin Clarke, Vincent Weldon, Breda Maguire, Lily Meade, Stasia Loughran, Helen Fleming, Oliver Gallagher and Martha Mongey
Second Row:
Nicholas Carpenter, Ina Carpenter, Margaret Meade, Martin Weldon, Tom Elliott, James Loughran, Francis Gallagher, Pat Dillon, Gerry Myles, Sean Maguire, Lily Elliott, Henry Cassidy and Sean Mongey.
First Row (front):
Nick Morgan, Vincent Morgan, Jim Elliott, Mary Nevin, Geraldine McGuinness, Kathleen Cassidy, Rosaleen Maguire, Rose Weldon, Joe McGuinness, John Wogan, Breege Wogan and Eddie Fleming
Peter Fleming  at Grangegeeth crossroads under two overhead banners, c.1932. Can anyone decipher the banners? They may relate to Eucharistic Year of 1932
A group of children at Grangegeeth crossroads, c. 1930
The hunt at Grangegeeth crossroads, c. 1930
A group outside Goodwin’s pub at Grangegeeth crossroads, early 1900’s
Horse drawn hay slide – Nicholas Carpenter and Julie Fleming c. 1930
Mamie Fleming’s shop, Grangegeeth c. 1930
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