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– In loving memory of our darling daughter Jane Helen Armstrong, Lougher who died 11th March 1979 aged 22 years.

BENNETT – In loving memory of Michael Bennett, Rathdrinagh who died 18th Nov. 1964 aged 80. His wife Jane died 28 April 1989 aged 83. Their son Edward (Emy) died 3 Dec. 1988 aged 58. Also his parents and sister who are interred here.

BENNETT – Michael Bennett 2005. May he rest in peace.

BENNETT – In loving memory of Marie Bennett, Thurstianstown, died 7th Jan 1975 aged 75. Also her husband Thomas died 9th June 1977 aged 87. Also the Nulty family.

BOYLAN – Erected by Nicholas Boylan, Gilltown, in memory of his parents and relatives. Also the above Nicholas Boylan who died August 13th 1937 aged 86 years. Also his brother John who died April 17th 1889 aged 23 years. And his wife Bridget who died 29th October 1953. Their niece Alice Moss who died 23rd Oct. 1985 also her husband Thomas Moss.

BOYLE – Erected by Mary Boyle of Knockerk in memory of her father John Moony who departed this life February 10th 1822 aged 76 years. Also the above named Mary Boyle who departed this life 4th December 1846 aged 38 years.

BYRNE – This stone was erected by Patrick Byrne of Ballymagarvy in memory of his mother Bridget alias Lynch who departed this life 12th December 1788 aged 93 years. Also his father Patrick Byrne who departed this life 16th December 1794 aged 88 years.

BYRNE – This stone was erected by Patrick Byrne of Elmgrove in memory of his father John Byrne who departed this life 20th December 1785 aged 55 years. Also his mother Cathorine Byrne alias Daly who departed this life on the 28th day of March 1810 aged 75 years.

BYRNE – Here lyeth the body of Richard Byrne who departed this life 3rd of May 1788 aged 34 years.

BYRNE – In loving memory of Richard Byrne, Somerville, died 1 December 1956. His mother Julia died 27 Sept. 1947. His father James died 14th April 1949. His brother Michael died 4 Dec. 1966.

BYRNE – In loving memory of Eugene Byrne, Ashfield, who died 29 Dec. 1958 and his wife Bridget died 7 Aug. 1962.

BYRNE – Have mercy O Lord on the soul of John Byrne, Rathdrina, died April 3rd 1877. His son Eddie died young. Also his son Owen died July 15th 1880. His daughter Maria died March 30th 1883. And his brother Pat died St. Patricks Day 1886. His wife Catherine died Dec 6th 1892. Also his daughter Anne Mullen died December 14th 1915 aged 62 years. Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on them. Also his son Thomas who died 4th Dec. 1942 aged 95 years.

CAMPBELL – This stone and burial place belongeth to James Campbell of Drogheda and family. Here lyeth Christopher —-

CARROLL – In loving memory of Anastatia Carroll, Glasmore Park, Swords died 1st June 1976. Her husband John died 13th June 1987.

CARTER – In loving memory of Margaret Carter, Rathdrinagh, died 19th November 1958 aged 79 years. Her son Bernard, Cullen, Beauparc died 14th March 2002 aged 77 years.

CONCANNON – In loving memory of Margaret Concannon, Skerrymount, Beauparc, died 20th Oct. 1926 aged 40. Her husband Thomas died 6th Feb. 1959 aged 84. Their daughter Rose Reid died 4th October 1964 aged 44. Also their great granddaughter baby Ellen Concannon.

CONNOLLY – This tomb was erected by Peter Connolly, North Strand, Drogheda, to the memory of his beloved wife Mary Anne who departed this life 13th April 1844 aged 33 years. Also their three children who died young. Also his son John Connolly who died 28th April 1881 aged 46 years. And his three children who died young. Also their daughter Mary Harlin, Clonmore, who died 28th January 1917 aged 72 years. Their grand daughter Margaret Harmon, Salterstown died 7th December 1950.

CORBALLY – This stone was erected by Simon Corbally in memory of his father Richard Corbally who died December ye 7th 1756 aged 64 years. Also his wife Mary died May ye 6th 1781 aged 87 years. And their son Christopher departed this life April ye 2nd 1782 aged 54 years.

CORRIGAN – In memory of Josephine Corrigan, Slane, died 30th September 1963 and her parents Thomas and Ellen Flood.

CREGAN – see McComeskey

DALY – see Byrne

DONNELLY – In loving memory of James Donnelly of Rathdrina who died 9th Nov. 1908 aged 72 years. Also his wife Julia who died 2nd Feb. 1922 aged 78 years. And their daughter Agnes who died 5th Dec. 1901 aged 20 years. Also their son John who died July 7th 1931. Their son James died 29th April 1966 aged 90 years and his wife Mary died 16th March 1961.

DONNELLY – In lovin memory of the Donnelly family, Greenhills. Mick Quinn 1939 husband of Kathleen.

DWYER – Monica Dwyer. May she rest in peace.

DWYER – Sacred to the memory of Joseph Dwyer, Rathdrina, who died 16th Feb. 1904 aged 74 years. His son Thomas died 6th Sept. 1949 aged 59 years. And his grandson Joseph died 1st Jan. 1913. Maria, wife of Thomas, died 27th March 1966. Anna Josephine, daughter of Thomas and Maria, died 1st Jan. 1970. Her sister Brigid Fennell died 11th Sept. 1988. Their brother Richard Dwyer died 1st Sept 1992.

EVERRARD – Sacred to the memory of Patrick Everrard, Rathdrina, who died 5th Nov. 1944. His wife Catherine died 27 Oct. 1918. His father Patrick died 10th Nov. 1906. His mother Julia died 30 June 1890. His brother Thomas died 7th Feb. 1932. His daughter Anne died 4th Jan. 1948. His son Richard died 22nd Oct. 1951. His brother Joseph died 28th May 1959. His nephew Patrick died 21st Feb. 1967. His son Thomas died 15th Dec. 1979.

FARRELL – In loving memory of Therese Anne, darling infant daughter of Michael and Julia Farrell, “Glenlynne”, Beauparc, died 27th Jan. 1949 aged 4 months.

FENNELL – see Dwyer

FINNEGAN – In loving memory of Annie Finnegan, Lougher, died 29th May 1976. Her husband James died 27th June 1978.

FITZPATRICK – 363480 Sapper P. Fitzpatrick, Royal Engineers, 9th December 1919 aged 32.

FITZPATRICK – In loving memory of Martin Fitzpatrick, Newtown, Beauparc died 26th Jan. 1959 aged 69 years. His wife Bridget died 26th Oct. 1974 aged 75 years.

FLOOD – In loving memory of William Flood, Knockcommon, Died 17th March 1954 aged 59 years. His wife Rita died 1st August 1970 aged 63 years. Also his parents John and Kate and their son Christopher.

FLOOD – In loving memory of Maura Flood, Knockcommon, who died 28th March 1981 aged 44 years. Her husband Alan who died 14th Sept. 1997 aged 64 years.

FLOOD – In loving memory of Mary Flood, Knockcommon, who died 29th Sept. 1971. Her husband Patrick died 17th August 1967 and their sons George died 20th May 1959 and Patrick died 22nd Sept. 1980.

FLOOD – see Corrigan

GALLAGHER – In loving memory of John Gallagher, Drumman, Duleek, who died 28th Dec. 1986. His loving son Eddie Gallagher died 15th Sept. 1995 aged 27 years.

GALLAGHER – In loving memory of Joseph Gallagher, Knockcommon, died 9th Feb. 1955. His wife Catherine died 9th April 1981. His son John, his daughters Rita and Kathleen, his sister Teresa, his brothers Patrick and James. Their son Christopher Gallagher died 21st December 1992.

GARGAN – Erected by Patrick Gargan, Ashbourne, in memory of his son Patrick who died 1st Jan. 1892. Also his children Catherine and Nicholas who died young. Also the above named Patrick who died 5th April 1912 aged 77 years. And his daughter Agnes who died 16th April 1917 aged 34 years. Also his wife Bridget who died 12th Dec. 1922 84 years. And their daughter Bridget M. who died 3rd May 1931 aged 59 years. Also their son Matthew P. who died 2 May 1939 and his wife May ( nee Nevin) who died 2nd April 1963.

GIBLIN – In loving memory of Mary Giblin, Rosnaree, who died 8th Feb. 1951.John McDermott died 4th June 1986 aged 44 years. His father Peter died 19th Dec. 2000 aged 83 years. His mother Margaret died 24th June 2002 aged 94 years.

GORMAN – Lord have mercy on my dear brother John Gorman, Gilltown, died 7th May 1962. Patrick Gorman died 12th March 1968. Erected by Patrick Gorman.

GORMAN – In loving memory of Alice Gorman, Knockcommon, who died 25th May 1960. Her son Michael died 17th April 1960. Her grandson Bernard died 24th Nov. 1947.

HAMILTON – In loving memory of Nicholas Hamilton who died 13. July 1943. His wife Maria died 1. September 1937. Their daughter Elizabeth died 21. Aug. 1922. Their son Gerrard died 27th Dec. 1960.

HARLIN – see Connolly

HARMON – see Connolly

HICKEY – see Merriman

JOHNSON – see Muldoon

KELLY – In cherished memories of my dear mother Elizabeth , Mullafin, Duleek, died 27th Feb. 1973 aged 88 years. My dear father James died 24th Aug. 1975 aged 91 years. My dear brother Patrick died 15th July 1984 aged 69 years. My dear uncle Edward Tiernan died 30th Jan. 1960 aged 68 years. Erected by their loving daughter May.

KELLY – In memory of Thomas Kelly, Gilltown, who died 28 June 1879 aged 68. His wife Anne who died 12th January 1886 aged 65. And their child Patrick. Also Marion, wife of Michael P. Kelly who died 27. May 1890 aged 27. And their child Anna Mary who died 28. May 1895 aged 11. Also the above named Michael P. who died 2. Nov. 1907 aged 53. and Kate Kelly who died 9th Jan. 1915. Also James Kelly, Knockcommon, who died 7th Nov. 1810 aged 60.

KELSH – see Maguire

LENEHAN – In ever loving memory of Thomas J. Lenehan, Lougher House, who died 16th July 1966 aged 66 years. His wife May who died 27th March 1995 aged 77 years.

LYNCH – see Byrne

LYNCH – In loving memory of James Lynch, Rathdrina, died 13th June 1967 aged 66 years. His wife Julia died 7th Nov. 1996 aged 86 years.

LYNCH – This stone was erected by Richard Lynch of Rathdrinagh in memory of his father John Lynch who departed this life March the 20th 1786 aged 81 years. Also his wife Bridget Lynch otherwise Warren who departed this life August ye 20th 1785 aged 63 years. Also his brother John Lynch who departed this life December the 16th 1794 aged 31 years. Bartle Lynch died April 6th 1867 aged 82 years and his beloved wife Rose who died February 27th 1874 aged 75 years. Also their daughter Mary who died July 17th 1840 aged 13 years and their son Richard who died May 22nd 1851 aged 23 years. James Lynch died 13th June 1864.

McCOMESKEY – In loving memory of John McComeskey who died 27th July 1986. Also his wife Elizabeth (Lil) nee Cregan who died 15th Nov. 2001 aged 90 years. Also the Cregan family who are interred here.

McDERMOTT – see Giblin

McDONNELL – Erected by William McDonnell, Blackrock, in loving memory of his wife Anna McDonnell died 24th June 1937. And his children: Teresa died 13th Jan. 1936, Maisie died 16th Feb. 1936, Thomas died 22nd April 1937, Kathleen died 25th March 1939. The above William died 9th Oct. 1979 aged 98. His son Kevin died 2nd Dec. 1989.

McDONNELL – In loving memory of Kevin McDonnell, Staleen, Donore, died 2nd Dec. 1989 aged 67 years. His sister Una died 1st Feb. 1997 aged 71 years. Erected by his sister Una.

McDONNELL – Erected by Patrick McDonnell, Rosnaree, in memory of his beloved wife Mary who died 7th April 1929 and their four children who died young. The above named Patrick who died 12th Jan 1930. And their daughter-in-law Mary Frances McDonnell who died 4th June 1951. Her husband Patrick F. died 26 Aug. 1962. And his brother John died 28 March 1963. Their sister Marcella died 4 May 1970.

McDONNELL – In loving memory of James McDonnell, Roughgrange, who died 10 Nov. 1949. His son James died 18 Dec. 1957. His wife Elizabeth died 11 May 1964. His daughter-in-law Jane died 3 Feb. 1993.

McGAURAN – In loving memory of Pat McGauran, Rosnaree, died 14th May 1991 aged 76 years. From your brother Owen.

McGUINNESS – see Maguire

McKEEVER – In loving memory of Patrick McKeever, Skerry Mount, died 19th Dec. 1961. His wife Jeannie died 2nd Dec. 1959. Her brother James died 7th May 1969. Their son Leo died 4th Aug. 1975.

MADDEN – Erected by Mr. Nicholas Madden of Rathdrinagh in memory of his beloved daughter Anne who departed this life 1st December 1865 aged 17 years. Also of his brothers James who died 11th Oct. 1839 aged 54 years, and Thomas who died 28th February 1844 aged 47 years. Also the above Mr.Nicholas Madden who died February 8th 1876 aged 83 years. Thomas Madden died August 10th 1878 aged 34 years. Mrs. Elizabeth Madden died April 16th 1887 aged 76 years. Nicholas Madden, Branganstown, died 10th Oct. 1912 aged 59 years. His wife Rose died 22nd April 1933 aged 69 years. Also their son Thomas died 5th June 1937 aged 50 years.

MAGUIRE – Erected by Bernard Maguire, Barristown, Slain, in memory of his beloved wife, Margaret Maguire, alias Kelsh, who departed this life 21st April 1872 aged 40 years. Also his father and mother Patrick and Mary Kelsh alias McGuinness died very old. Also in memory of his four children who died young. Also Bernard Maguire, Roachestown, who died 10th Dec. 1936 aged 50 years. His daughter Rita who died 16th April 1921. His aunt Cecilia died 31st May 1948. His wife Elizabeth died 3rd April 1974. Their sons Kevin died 19th Nov. 1989 aged 68 years Leo died 22nd June 1999 aged 71 years.

MEADE – Pray for the soul of James Meade, died 12th March 1941 and his daughters Anne Meade, died 18th Dec. 1993 aged 86 years and Teresa (Tessie) died 19th March 1997 aged 95.

MEGINNES – Here lyeth the body of James Meginnes of Rosneree who departed this life March 29th AD 1755 aged 53 years.

MERRIMAN – In loving memory of Mary Merriman (nee Hickey), Knockcommon, died 12th Feb. 2001 aged 83 years. And her husband Dennis died 5th Nov. 2004 aged 76 years

MOONY – This stone and burial place belongeth to Patrick Moony of Lougher, Farmer, and his posterity.

MOONY – see Boyle

MOSS – see Boylan.

MULDOON – In loving memory of Mary Muldoon, Lougher, died 24th Dec. 1984 and her stepsister Kathleen Johnson died 18th June 1989.

MULLEN – see Byrne.

MULLEN – In loving memory of Christina Mullen who died May 3rd 1927. Thomas Mullen who died 19th January 1969. Kathleen Mullen who died 28th March 1970. Margaret Mullen who died 29th August 1990. May Mullen who died 30th June 2003.

NAUGHTON – In loving memory of Patrick Naughton, Lougher, died 10th January 1982 aged 65. His wife Bridget died 27th March 1982 aged 56.

NEVIN – see Gargan

NUGENT – Erected by Alice Nugent in memory of her husband Thomas Nugent, Navan, who departed this life March 16th 1896. Also Ellen Nugent who died November 15th 1892. And William Nugent who died May 8th 1886.

NULTY – see Bennett.

NULTY – In loving memory of Margaret Nulty, Rathdrina, who died 5th Jan. 1958 and her sister Kathleen died 30th June 1959. Their brothers James died 21 Nov. 1975 and Patrick died 16th June 1980. Alicia died 21th Sept. 1986.

O’BRIEN – In loving memory of a dear husband and father Tony O’Brien, Rahill, Duleek, died 13th April 2001 aged 57 years.

OUNAN – Eileen Ounan R.I.P.

QUINN – see Donnelly.

REID – see Concannon

REYNOLDS – This stone was erected by Christopher, John and Richard Reynolds for them and their posterity. Also in memory of their deceased friends. Here lyeth the body of Richard Reynolds who departed this life the 20th day of March 1737 aged 33 years.

SAMPSON – Erected to the memory of Patrick Sampson, Lougher, died 16 Dec. 1938 aged 90 years. And his children James died April 1920 aged 18. Rose Anne died Nov. 1922 aged 18 and Patrick died 12th June 1955aged 59 years. Also his wife Rose Anne died 30th Jan. 1959 aged 88 years.

SMITH – In loving memory of Joseph Smith, Lougher, who died 1st May 1984 aged 24 years.

SMITH – In loving memory of Mary Ann Smith, Gilltown, died 18th July 1972. Her daughter in law Breda died 8th Aug. 1994.

SWIFT – This monument was erected by James Swift of Rusnaree as memorial of his ancestors that lies here interred.

TIERNAN – see Kelly

TULLY – In loving memory of Harry Tully, Lougher, died 18th April 1987 aged 77.

WALL – This stone was erected by Mary Wall alias Weldon in memory of her husband Thomas Wall who departed this life May 9th 1773 aged 30 years. Also their son Bartly Wall who departed this life June 22nd 1790 aged 19 years.

WALSH – Thomas Walsh – His wife Bridget – his son Bartholomew and his daughter Anne.

WARREN – see Lynch

WATERS – In loving memory of Peter (Chissie) Waters, Rathdrinagh, who died 4th Oct. 1982 aged 67 years.

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