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by Nicholas Wall

BLAKE – see Everard.

BOYLE – In loving memory of Peter Boyle, Red Mountain, who died 6th October 1941 aged 92.

BOYLE – Erected by Michael Boyle of Roughgrange in memory of his father Loughlin Boyle who died 23rd February 1838 aged 66 years. Also his mother Anne who died 30th October 1843 aged 73 years. And also his uncle James Boyle who died 18th January 1840 aged 84 years. And of his aunt Elizabeth, wife to James who died 3rd August 1833 aged 68 years. Also Anne, the beloved wife of the above Michael Boyle who departed this life on the 31st March 1852 aged 54 years. Also the above Michael Boyle who departed this life on the 3rd March 1866 aged 62 years. Also his brother Patrick Boyle who died 10th September 1881 aged 82 years. Also Bridget wife of Patrick Boyle who died June 25th 1898 aged 82 years.

BYRNE – see Finnegan

CLARK – In loving memory of Mattie Clark died 25th November 1939. ( Cast Iron Cross )

CLARKE – In loving memory of Matthew Clarke Francis Street Drogheda died 25th November 1939. His wife Annie died 11th October 1946. R.I.P. ( Headstone )

CLUSKEY – Erected by James Cluskey in memory of his beloved wife Anne who died on the 19th of July 1833 aged 28 years.

DOGGETT – see Reilly

DREW – Erected by Matthew Drew, Rosnaree, in memory of his father Matthew died 23rd August 1918. His mother Bridget died 29 June 1929. His brother Patrick died 8 March 1917. His sister Mary Ann died July 1919. His brother Laurence died April 1920.His brother Michael died 31 October 1949. His sister Kate died 20 December 1958.His nephew Oliver died 8 April 1938. His brother Matthew 20 May 1986 and his wife Jane died 5 December 1986.

DREW – In loving memory of Michael Drew who died 31st October 1949. His wife Deborah who died 22nd August 1982. Their son Oliver who died 8th April 1938.

EVERARD – AD 1846 I am the resurrection and the life and he that believeth in me although he be dead shall live John xi xxv. Here lieth the remains of Catherine Everard, alias Blake, of Drogheda who departed this life 7th September 1826. Also those of her son Nicholas Everard, lately deceased.

FAY – Erected by James Fay of Donore in memory of his mother Catherine Fay who died 3rd April 1839 aged 63 years. Also his two infant children. Also his father who died in 1855. And also in memory of his wife Ellen who died in 1871.

FINEGAN – Pie domine Jesu. Dona Requiem Aeternam Animae. Joannis Finegan. Obdormevit in Domino. Pridie Festi Sancti Dominici. Anno Salutis MDCCCXLVII : Aetatis Suae LV. [ Our Lord Jesus Grant eternal rest to the soul of John Finegan who went asleep in the Lord on the sacred feast of St. Dominic in the year 1847 in the 55th year of his age ]

FINEGAN – Pie domine Jesu. Dona Requiem Aeternam Animae. Joannis Finegan. Obdormevit in Domino. Pridie Festi Sancti Dominici. Anno Salutis MDCCCXLVII : Aetatis Suae LV. ( One end of Tomb ) Hic Quoque Quiescant Reliqulae Liberorum, Thomae, Jacobi, Mariae, Joseph, Simonis, Mariae Monicae, Patricii. Atque Dauruntii Finegan. ( Other end of tomb )

FINNEGAN – In loving memory of Bernard Finnegan, Staleen, died 12 May 1947. His wife Elizabeth died 13. February 1980 aged 89 years. Their granddaughter Elizabeth Ann died 24 April 1950.

FINNEGAN – This stone was erected by Thomas Finnegan of Drogheda in memory of his father Michael Finnegan who died 22nd January 1776 aged 76 years. Also his mother Bridget Finnegan, alias Nowlan. She died 20th March 1779 aged 61 years. Also his brother Dennis Finnegan who died 20th December 1776 aged 27 years. Also his sister Catherine Finnegan. She died 26th April 1780 aged 41 years. Also one of his children. Also in memory of his beloved wife Mary Finnegan, alias Byrne, who departed this life the 21st November 1796 aged 32 years. Requiesicant in Pace. Amen.

GOGAN – In loving memory of Michael and Alicia Gogan. Also their son Thomas who died 18th February 1928.

GOGAN – In loving memory of Patrick Gogan who died 7 January 1951 aged 56 years. His wife Mary died 29 October 1978. GOGAN – In loving memory of Patrick Gogan, The Leck, who died 15th July 1967 aged 50 years.

GOGAN – Erected in memory of Patrick Gogan, Roughgrange, who died August 16th 1902 aged 77 years. Also his wife Anne who died January 15th 1908 aged 70 years. Also their son John who died January 20th 1911 aged 40 years. And their daughter Kate Gogan who died January 3rd 1913 aged 40 years. Also their son Patrick who died February 10th 1943 aged 74 years. Also his wife Teresa who died 3rd April 1962 aged 77 years. Also his son Thomas who died 11th February 1958.

GOGAN – see McDonnall

HUGHES – Erected by Patrick Hughes, Donore, in memory of his daughter Eliza who departed this life the 19th September 1871 aged 20 years. Also his father and mother.

KENNEDY – In loving memory of John Kennedy, Thurstianstown, died 22 November 1953. His mother, brother, sister and grandmother.His wife Mary died 5th March 1968.

KERWIN – Erected by Margaret Kerwin in memory of her father Patrick Kerwin aged 72 years, her mother Catherine aged 70 years, her sister Catherine aged 79 years, her brother Peter aged 77 years. Also the above Margaret Kerwin died February 6th 1910 aged 75 years. R.I.P.

LYNCH – Erected by Marey Lynch of Oldbridge in memory of her beloved husband James Lynch who died 6th 1872 aged 45 years.

McDONNALL – 1880 – Erected in memory of James McDonnall, Roughgrange, died February 25th 1876 aged 76 years. His wife Mary died May 1st 1880 aged 70 years. His son Thomas died April 8th 1875 aged 28 years. His son James died 16th June 1880 aged 35 years. His daughter Kate died October 26th 1878 aged 21 years. Also his daughter Alice Gogan died 10th July 1915 aged 72 years.

MOORE – Erected by Elisabeth Moore, Roughgrange, in memory of her husband Andrew Moore who died May 23rd 1918 aged 74 years.

MULVANY – Erected by John Mulvany of Cruiserath in memory of his father and mother John and Mary Mulvany who departed this life in the year 1842. Also in memory of his brother and sisters who died in 1841. Also the above John Mulvany who died 14th September 1874.

NOWLAN – see Finnegan

REILLY – In hoc signo vinces. Erected by James Reilly of Donore as a fillial mark of respect to the memory of his father James Reilly who died on the 26th June 1854 aged 77 years. Also in memory of his granddaughter Annie Doggett who died August 2nd 1873 aged 21 years. And of his beloved wife Margaret who died April 2nd 1874 aged 65 years. Also his daughter-in-law Mary Reilly who died September 8th 1898 and the above James Reilly who died March 5th 1901 aged 91 years. R.I.P.

ROONEY – Pray for the souls of the deceased relatives of Richard Rooney.

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