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AGM Postponed

Date :   Wednesday,   18th March, 2020

Time :   8pm 

Venue :  Slane Youth Café

Talk  :    Reflecting on Slane from 1930-1960

Speakers  :  Pat and Anne Griffin

After the above talk the election of officers and various reports will take place. Also you will be informed on outings and lectures which are planned for the coming year.  We hope it will be convenient for you to attend.

The above meeting has been postponed owing to [Coronavirus]   Covid-19.

Feb 2020

Slane History & Archaeology Society lecture 

Date: Wednesday 19th Feb. 2020  [Please note the day]

Time:  8pm

Venue : Slane Youth Café

Subject : The story of George Russell  [AE]

Speaker : Tom Holton, T.C.D graduate of english,  who has a life long fascination with AE.

George Russell was an Irish writer, editor, critic, artist and nationalist who was responsible with Horace Plunkett in setting up the Co-operaive movement in Ireland.

Tom Holton says of AE

“the essentials of his vision remain compelling and speak across the century to us now as we face the necessity of recovering our island nation as a haven of the natural world, tackling environmental damage, building a society and recreating our economy on the basis of sustainability and for the benefit of all.”

We hope to see you at the meeting. New members are welcome.

Thursday, Oct. 24th, 2019

Slane History & Archaeology Society Talk

On Thursday 24th October, 2019 the Slane History and Archaeology Society are delighted to host a talk by Cliadbh O’Gibne on The Boyne Currach in The Slane Youth Cafe on Chapel St., Slane at 8pm.

This is an opportunity to hear Cliadbh speak about the Boyne and his experiences over the years in boat building in the traditional manner. Non members welcome.

            25th Anniversary  of Slane History & Archaeology Society

 This year on the 24th November the above Society will celebrate its 25th anniversary. 

Discussion on this event will take place after the presentation by Cliabh. 

All are welcome.

14th June, 2018

On Thursday 14th June, author Anthony Holton and historian Pascal Marry will give a talk entitled “The Boyne : From Navan to  Staleen” in the Slane Youth Café, Chapel St. Slane, at the slightly later time of 8.15pm to facilitate the prayer meeting beforehand.

An interesting and informative talk awaits members and friends of the Society because the river Boyne plays an important part in our lives and history. This is the last talk of this season as the next event will be our annual outing in September. All are welcome.